@#%$ Sunshine!!!

The opening of this blog has been delayed by at least two weeks due to having too much @#$% sunshine.  Do you know how hard it is to sit in your family room, in the basement, and start a blog when there is not a @#$%^$& cloud in the sky?  Just when you start to dig into the details of making the blog work, some kid (there are 5 around here, so one is likely to pop in at any time) steps in:

“Dad, will you take me for a bike ride?”  What am I supposed to say?  “No, kid.  Go eat some junk food and watch TV.” 

 Well, today I got the blog started.  I would have preferred to do it on a rainy day, but I had to settle for “partly cloudy.”  As for the kids, I made them play in the pool. 


2 thoughts on “@#%$ Sunshine!!!

  1. Now, now, remember that you’re thankful for the good weather, what with one of our cars down and your need to bike to work for the last three weeks. 😉

  2. T’aint no use to murmur and complain.
    ‘Tis just as easy to rejoice.
    When God sorts out the weather, and sends rain,
    Then rain’s my choice!

    You’re added to the list . . . gladly!

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