Moonshine Shuffle 5K

On Saturday, I ran with my 3 oldest kids (Anna, Josh, and Maria) in the Moonshine Shuffle 5K, held at St. Francis Xavier Church in McKean, PA.  Results are posted here:

Anna as usual whipped us all, at 22:01.  She was the second place woman in the race.  I managed a 25:43, which was 3rd in my age group, but more importantly, I beat Josh by 9 seconds.  (Usually he is faster.)  It was a good time for me.  Apparently bicycling to work helped my running a lot.  I thought I won by more, because I didn’t hear his huge feet behind me!  Maria ran a 28:09, which was good for her first race ever.


3 thoughts on “Moonshine Shuffle 5K

  1. Now I just have to get a photo of me crossing the finish line, preferably ahead of my son.
    Anna is amazing. We never thought we would be raising a successful high school athlete.

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