Rear Window

If you are looking for a good old movie to rent, try “Rear Window.”  It is directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and has James Stewart and Grace Kelly in it.  I watched it with everyone in the family 12 and over on Friday night.  A plot summary is here:

This really kept us on the edge of our seats, but there was a lot of humor mixed in with the suspense.


3 thoughts on “Rear Window

  1. I think this is my all-time favorite Hitchcock. I say “I think” because there are at least three others that I also think are my all-time favorite Hitchcock – it just depends on which one is the subject of the discussion. But you just can’t beat Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart, and I think that’s the only one they ever made together.

  2. What I really like about this movie is the relationship between the two leads. L.B Jeffries (James Stewart’s character) has the most amazingly perfect and beautiful girlfriend, who sincerely loves him, but there is tension in the movie because he is one sort of person and she appears to be a different and incompatible sort. There is a very Christian understanding of marriage underlying this part of the story.

    I love this movie, and North by Northwest, and Psycho (although seeing it once a decade is enough). My kids are learning to love Hitchcock too.

  3. Don’t forget The Birds!

    Though it’s too scary for the young kids. Better watch it yourself first and decide which of your kids can handle it.

    Never look at a sparrow the same way, boy. =8^o

    I own Rear Window but haven’t watched it in awhile. Might do that tomorrow night.

    Heck. Might do it NOW! 😉

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