Road Rage

Today as I was turning left from 12th Street onto Liberty St., a guy in a really fast car was coming toward me at what must have been 60 mph (in a 35 zone).  He made what should have been a routine left turn a bit scary, so I honked at him.

Then he turned right to follow me.  He skidded, and almost had an accident with the cars on Liberty St., and then he started catching up with me.  I was starting to worry that he was tailing me (after watching an old Rockford Files episode last night, the imagination works in that direction).  So I signalled to turn right onto a side street.  He signalled to turn right also.  Then I decided I would rather be on Liberty Street than a side street if he started acting stupid, so I turned my signal off.  So did he.  I rarely wish I had my cell phone with me, but if I had it, I would have called 911 about then.

In the rear view mirror I noticed that he looked rather like Mr. T gone bad, and he looked like he was worried that someone was following him.  At a stop sign I locked my doors.  I continued on Liberty Street, and so did he.  Finally I scooted up Brown Avenue without signalling, and he continued up Liberty Street.


2 thoughts on “Road Rage

  1. Okay, that was scary! =8^o

    What a mercy he got spooked by something or someone.

    It’s sad but it’s dangerous these days to draw attention to ourselves like that, especially when it comes to criticizing others’ driving.

  2. Most likely he just didn’t react fast enough when Hubby turned right, as Brown Ave. angles off Liberty, and Hubby was able to throw him just by turning quickly without warning. Even a road rage maniac USUALLY doesn’t double back to chase somebody down.

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