Work Permits

If you are a teenager, getting a job in Pennsylvania is harder than running hurdles.  My daughter just went through this experience.  To get an entry-level job in a large well-known national company, she had to do the following:

1.  Fill out an application, and get the job offer.  (Really easy.)  Be told she was hired as soon as she got the work permit.

2.  Try to reach the school district (they are not the easiest folks to reach in the summer) to get the work permit form.

3.  Get the doctor to sign for the required physical exam.  My daughter had to have a physical exam for school sports (once for fall and once for spring), for the driver’s license, and now for a work permit.  Luckily the previous physical for her driver’s license was adequate for the work permit too.  It is an appalling waste of resources to require multiple physical examinations of perfectly healthy teenagers. 

4.  Take the form back to the employer, to have them fill out the description of the position and hours worked.

5.  Take the form back to the school district.  (And why are school districts put in charge of issuing work permits anyhow?  Should they really care about a job that will last for the summer?)  Find out that the school district gave my daughter the wrong form the first time.


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