Bwa Ha Ha

Today is an important day in my life.  It is the first day that one of my children has to go to work in the morning, but I don’t.

 My daughter was not amused when I told her this.  Especially when I gloated about it.


5 thoughts on “Bwa Ha Ha

  1. Yes, and she particularly didn’t like my little victory dance, done very badly, and in full view of people she knew, some of whom were grown-ups. 😮

  2. Well, at least you waited until after her track team left the party. That really WOULD have been unforgivable.

  3. Today was her first real day of work. (Saturday was just orientation.) Amazingly, she came back from work, and she was hungry for fries. Jane had predicted that she would be grossed out by all the grease, and so we didn’t grill a cheesburger for her.

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