Sorry, Pope Benny

Pope Benedict the Emperor

Pope Benedict XVI once again answered the question”Is the Pope Catholic?” in the affirmative today, and he declared that all other churches are either not “true churches” or are deficient.,2933,288841,00.html

One of the reasons, according to Rome, that Protestant churches are not true churches, is that we lack “apostolic succession”.  That is, our ministers cannot trace their ordination through a line of bishops back to the Apostles. 

Unfortunately, by this measuring stick, Pope Benedict XVI also does not come from a legitimate apostolic succession.  His line has been irremediably stained by simony.  Here is a statement from the Canons of the Sixth Ecumenical Council:

Canon XXII.  Those who are ordained for money, whether bishops or of any rank whatever, and not by examination and choice of life, we order to be deposed as well as those also who ordained them.

This means that those who pay money to be ordained (the practice of simony) are to be deposed.  Also, those who ordain bishops for money, are to be deposed.

At the time of the Reformation, simony was rampant.  Martin Luther began his reforming efforts by opposing the sale of indulgences.  The indulgences were being sold because  Albert of Brandenburg, the newly installed Bishop of Mainz, had to pay Pope Leo X 10,000 ducats to be ordained as bishop.  Albert had taken out a loan, and then the Pope allowed him to sell indulgences in order to reimburse himself.

This means that Pope Leo X was a simoniac, and according to canon law, should have been deposed.  The popes before and after Leo followed the same practices.

Because these popes ordained all of the bishops at the time, the entire Western church does not have a clean apostolic succession.  Therefore, Pope Benedict should not be bragging about this attribute of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Sorry, Benny.  If you want to impress this Protestant, you will have to do better.

Hat Tip:  Fide-O  for the image.


One thought on “Sorry, Pope Benny

  1. Like dear old Captain Renault, I am shocked, shocked, to discover after all these years that the Pope is indeed Catholic.

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