First Fruits of Summer

Well, actually the second fruits of summer.  Someone ate the first ones. 

Last year, I moved in July, so the garden was put in late and did very badly.  This year, I got everything in early, and the weather has been nice and sunny, though too dry.  The garden is only 10′ by 10′, but using the square foot gardening method you can pack quite a bit in, if you feed and water it regularly.

Here are the cherry tomatoes and zucchini.  There are more tomatoes in this picture than I got all last year.



 I tried to get the day’s harvest of tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and snow peas arranged nicely for a picture, but before I could do that, the cherry tomatoes mysteriously vanished.  They never last long around to make it into a salad around here.


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