Driving with Miss Anna

Back when I was learning to drive in our 1971 Dodge Dart, I remember my Mom sitting in the passenger seat, pushing the invisible brake pedal with her foot. Her hair started to go gray at that time, but she claims it was a coincidence. Now that I am giving my daughter driving lessons, and I am in the passenger seat, I have started using the invisible brake pedal too. And the gray hairs are sprouting at an alarming rate, but some hairs are saving their original color until my daughters start dating.

One thing I have noticed now that she driving, is how impatient other drivers are. She still drives slowly; she never speeds (that will come in time, I’m sure), and she often takes a while to get up to the speed limit. In the past week, 3 different people have decided to pass her illegally. Sometimes this happened in very dangerous places, such as driving through the Gorge. The sign tells you to go 15 mph through the curve there, but the fellow behind us didn’t like that idea.


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