14 Thumbs Up

Today we went to see Ratatouille.  This is the only first-run movie our whole family has seen this year (usually we wait for the Dollar Theater; 7 people at the theater gets expensive), and it was excellent.  Remy, the main character, is a different sort of rat; he doesn’t like to eat his garbage, and he has the  desire and talent to be a great chef.  Since rats are generally not welcome in the kitchen, there are many obstacles, from both the rat and human worlds, to achieving his dreams.

The movie is appropriate for any age.  Not only is it free from crudity and innuendo (even Cars had some “exhaust” humor), but the worldview is pretty good.  There is not the pro-animal bias that you often see in animated films with animals, and while the kids are enjoying the wild and crazy action, the adults watching the movie may learn to think a bit differently about food.

This movie gets 14 thumbs up from our family

P.S.  I wonder if McDonald’s will have Ratatouille-themed Happy Meals.  Anna would enjoy sticking little rats in kids’ Happy Meal bags. 🙂


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