Waterford 5K – July 19

5 of us ran in the Waterford 5K on July 19.  Here is a picture of us before the race:


I got a personal best of 25:08.  I also got to beat my son again, for what may be the last time.  (He’ll start cross country training in 2 weeks.)

We tried to get pictures of the crossing the finish line, but most of them didn’t work.  But here is Maria coming in at 28:37.  Her final sprint was very impressive 🙂 :


Susie made her 5K debut at a 32:58, beating some people 5 times her age.  She is in the blue-green shirt:



3 thoughts on “Waterford 5K – July 19

  1. I dunno, Barb. The only people 5 times our age are in the early chapters of Genesis.

    I heard Methuselah was pretty fast in his middle years, and caring for those animals kept Noah in shape. And Enoch “walked with God” – he probably had a good stride.

  2. I hasten to point out that Susan could have shaved two seconds or so off of her time had there not been a guy wandering around aimlessly on the course about 30 feet from the finish line (apparently thinking the race was effectively over and it was okay to be on the course) who didn’t notice the four foot tall sprite coming up behind him, forcing her to take quite a bit of evasive action.

    Not that I’m competitive about my children or anything.

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