“Potter-ificus Totalis”

“Potter-ificus Totalis” – the zombie-like semi-immobile state created by spending too many hours reading “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.  Symptoms include glassy eyes, inattention to food, drink, sleep or family members, and inability to move except to turn pages.  The condition is treated by finishing the book, or by having another family member steal the book when you have to take a bathroom break.

BTW, if you GIVE BLOOD at the Community Blood Bank this week, your family members may have pity on you, and let you sit on the sofa and read the book in peace.

I am fourth in line for the book in my family, so giving blood and pretending that I need to rest and not do anything useful is the only way I’ll see the inside of the book this week.


11 thoughts on ““Potter-ificus Totalis”

  1. When I’m done with the book, I’ll loan it to the Dunsworths. I’m on page 575 so I should be done by tomorrow (Tuesday). Don’t know how far up the book chain that makes you, but if I drop it off at your place of employment, I think that moves you to #1 – posession being 9/10ths of the law.

  2. With previous books the ordo was very logical: She who pays, gets it first.
    But now we are up to 4 eligible readers, so it is more difficult. I suspect that one or two people will finish it today, so I will finally get to it. Also, I will be able to find chores for anyone who has the book when I want it.

  3. Oh, I do hope you get to read it soon! It was SO good! I’m so sad that it’s over, but this was the BEST book in the whole series, I think.

    And, yes, Potter-ificus Totalis is what I had for 2 days!

  4. We pass it around. We have varying schedules, and so it doesn’t work too badly. Say I have to take one or more of the younger kids somewhere, Anna and Josh stay home and read. If Anna has to go to work, Josh or I get it. If Josh has had it for a while, he knows he has to pass it on when someone else has a slot of free time. The teenagers are pretty good about sharing it reasonably, and even I am not too bad about it. 😉

    With one or two of the previous ones (the only ones we awaited, not having gotten into the series before that) Anna either paid for the book (thus guaranteeing rights) or chipped in on the cost, essentially buying the dibs rights without being sole owner of the book. This time, though, nobody made any such offer, so technically Ray and I COULD just have all rights to it, but we’re trying to be grown up about it. 😉

  5. BTW, it’s a good thing the last one came out before Maria worked her way up to being allowed to read the latest. (We’re keeping her a couple of books behind on maturity grounds.) If she were eligible to read one as soon as it came out, that could have been Ug-lee.

  6. Completely missing a chance to monetize this episode and demonstrate the relationship between supply, demand and price. At least until one of the chilluns figures out that price is a function of scarcity. What you need is a “D”-bay bidding format.

  7. Barb, You are so sweet. (Note to everyone: Barb just showed up at my door with her finished copy of the book.) I’ll have to make sure you get an easier Sunday School class this fall. Of course, when Christopher goes to the next level, your class will be easier.

    Trisha, welcome to my blog. I’ve always enjoyed your blog.

    Dewydd, Don’t you think the “D”-bay format would favor the rich older sibling who works in the evil capitalist system, and therefore cause resentment among the oppressed younger sibs? It could cause a Marxist backlash.

  8. Thus missing the chance to monetize the situation, and instead substituting the opportunity to teach the kids that you share with your family and sacrifice for your kids. 😉 They have lots of other opportunities to find out about scarcity and price, trust me.

  9. Consider: A younger sibling knows the older employed sibling has the perceived advantage, so this sibling lines up the others and obtains financial commitments from them to “sublet” the book for specific times during each day. The younger, but actually more resourceful capitalist, thus can outbid the elder and maybe even once the bidding has closed offer to cut the older employed sibling in on the schedule. for a fee, of course.

    My money’s on Shortstack– the one who smokes people five times her age in a foot race.

  10. Shortstack and Roadrunner aren’t allowed to read HP #7 yet, though. Rumpelstiltskin isn’t even allowed to read #1.

    See where lack of information gets you? 😉

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