“Potter-ificus Totalus” II (No Spoilers)

I finished “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” (thanks Barb) early Saturday morning about 1 a.m.  I wish I had Mad-Eye Moody’s magical eyeball, because my eyes were just about ready to fall out.  But it was not possible to put it down with less than 100 pages to go.  Now my case of “Potter-ificus Totalus” is cured.

This book moves a lot faster than the last two books, which means it is harder to find a good spot to put it down.  It does a good job of tying up the loose ends.  It will not spoil anything to say that several of the good guys die, and when they do, they die well.  Many of the bad guys come to an appropriate sort of end.  Overall, this was an excellent end to the series.


One thought on ““Potter-ificus Totalus” II (No Spoilers)

  1. I know exactly how you feel with the whole eye ball about to drop out of the socket symptom. I found it impossible to put the book down after about three pages.

    And the book was unbelievably fast paced. Characters came popping into the story quicker than zits to a thirteen year old. Fantasticly done, though, I’d never be able to get so many characters in one line.

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