Global Warming Alarmists and Women Drivers

There is no doubt that our climate is changing, just as it has throughout the earth’s history.  (Remember, Greenland used to be green.) And the present temperature trend appears to be upward, although in the last decade the earth’s temperature may be levelling off.  (Note: I am very skeptical of measurements of the earth’s average temperature.  I know how hard it is to get a good temperature reading even in a controlled thermal chamber.  Measuring the temperature of the whole earth is much harder.)

However, even if the earth is warming due to man-made emissions, the global warming alarmists are thinking wrongly about the problem.  They are, in fact, thinking like stereotypical “women drivers.”  Let me explain.

I know a woman who has an excellent driving record, and who generally drives quite safely.  However, as I have observed her from the passenger side, I have noticed something about her driving that will keep her off the NASCAR circuit:  When she experiences any sort of danger from other cars, her natural and only response is to press the brake.  AFAIK, she has never used the gas pedal to accelerate out of trouble.  I, on the other hand, will use either the gas pedal or the brake to avoid traffic, and my driving record is also very good.

In discussing global warming, someone needs to suggest loudly and persistently that if man can change the climate inadvertently through increasing greenhouse gases, then perhaps we can and should intentionally correct the problem (if it really is a problem) through some use of technology. 

I have heard it suggested that if we fertilize the plankton in the South Atlantic, that it will remove some of the CO2 in the atmosphere, and also that we will increase the fish harvest worldwide.  Rather than vainly trying to stop industry, we might be able to use the emissions for good, and change the ocean from a wilderness into a garden.


2 thoughts on “Global Warming Alarmists and Women Drivers

  1. I don’t use the gas pedal to get out of trouble except on the interstate, where no cars are coming toward me. My working assumption is that no oncoming driver can be trusted not to do the stupidest possible thing, so I will never accelerate toward a potential problem, even to avoid an already-existing one. That’s probably flawed — statistically, it’s probably safe to count on the sense of other drivers in emergency situations. There are lots of bad drivers, but there are also lots of good ones who aren’t simply going to plow right into me if I get a little too close. However, it’s probably too late to change the pattern.

    Anyhow, I like the analogy, despite the damage it does to my reputation. 😉 Where would we be today if our ancestors simply insisted on killing all the existing vegetation in the New World to plant potatoes because all the unfamiliar plants were regarded as “weeds,” rather than learning to eat corn and beans and squash?

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