Seditious Homicidal Grandmas

My daughter happened to be running in Frontier Park during the anti-war demonstration that was held there yesterday.  Before I saw the protest, I suspected something was up when I noticed the large number of parked cars with political bumper stickers.  Some of them still had Kerry-Edwards 2004 bumper stickers on their cars.  Isn’t it time for them to get a new candidate and Move On?

Besides the bad music, and the many parking violations, she also heard a nice sweet little old homicidal grandma speaking about President Bush.  The little old lady said,  “That man should have been shot years ago.”

Ah, yes, the peace-loving contingent is oh so nice.  I guess she forgot that with George gone, the very Anti-Christ himself, Dick Cheney, would be in charge, and he could be even worse if he wasn’t distracted by pulling George’s strings.


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