Up to Our Ears in Corn

So my step-dad calls Jane and says, “Can I bring up a bag of sweet corn from our garden?”  It is our policy to never say no to free garden produce (with the possible exception of okra), so she says yes.

So Mom and Jack brought up a bag of corn, but they didn’t mention that it was a potato sack, and so we got over 100 ears of corn.  I should have expected this.  They have 3 vegetable gardens that cover about 1/4 acre; one is run by my sister-in-law and has all kind of exotic Chinese vegetables and herbs, plus about 50 tomato plants.  In China, they slice tomatoes and sprinkle sugar on them.  You would never know that if you thought Chinese food was what they served in Chinese restaurants.  But I digress.

Even our family can only eat about 25 ears of corn at a sitting, so we spent much of the evening freezing corn, both on and off the cob. 

If they do this to us again, we’ll have to find other uses for the corn.  Maybe we can distill it…


2 thoughts on “Up to Our Ears in Corn

  1. Our neighbor just handed us a bag of ‘maters this evening. I don’t know why ours didn’t do well this year, but I’m glad for the gift!

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