Has This Ever Happened to Your Kid?

This was really weird.

Christopher was cleaning the family room yesterday, when all of a sudden he started crying and screaming “My eye hurts!  My eye hurts!”  When he cries, it is usually in a low whimper, but this was a full voiced scream like we have never heard from him. 

I figured he must have gotten something in his eye, so I tried to calm him and see what was there.  But he kept crying and would not open his eyes.  After a while, I could see what was wrong:  About half of his eyelashes were turned inside out, and they were under his eyelid and rubbing against his eyeball.  Ouch! 

I managed to get him calmed a bit, and told him that he had to open his eyes, even if it hurt more at first, and then he would feel better.  He did, and the eyelashes slowly worked their way outward where they belonged.  Within a minute he was his perfectly normal self.

I’ve seen my share of kid boo-boos, but never have I seen such a little problem cause so much discomfort.


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