Osama Bin Laden Dyed

Yes, that was a lame pun.  No, I am not apologizing. 

Osama bin Laden’s latest video is not particularly newsworthy.  Aside from the call for Americans to convert to Islam, it could have been written by the loony left of the Democratic Party.  (He even mentioned Global Warming.)  Oh, yes, and unlike Democrats, Osama promises that if we all convert to Islam, there will be no taxes.

The most noteworthy thing about Osama bin Laden’s new video is that he has apparently had a mid-life crisis and dyed his beard black.  Perhaps John Edwards’ hairdresser could lure him out of hiding by offering him regular beard perms with highlights (a $1200 value, guaranteed to make him more attractive to the ladies) or perhaps, if he is frugal enough, he could simply be lured out by some Lady Clairol coupons. 

In other related news from the religion of peace, a cell of  German terrorists were caught shortly after they bought over 1,500 pounds of hydrogen peroxide.  They are accused of using this for bomb-making, but I think they were simply preparing in their own misguided way for the afterlife, by ensuring that the next 72,000 or so young ladies to await them in Paradise will be bleached blonde.


11 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden Dyed

  1. I find it odd that somone supporting the republican party, the party that insures Bin Laden continues to exist, could in any way be critical of democrats. Your leader has us bogged down in an unwinable war, the same leader continually attempts to rewrite history. Someone with your brilliance needn’t look k at democrats to be critical of.
    Might I suggest you are supporting the worst president ever elected, clean your own house before attempting to clean those of another.
    As for attacking the Muslim faith. If you are of the christian persuasion your ignoble history is one of the slaughter of innocents down through the ages. If you are a christian, you have no right to criticize the muslim faith. It your holy book that in Exodus, you god freely admits killing Egyptian babies. Hmmh and you probably think the Koran is bad.
    If people understood history, they might actually be able to make at least semi intelligent choices in religion and politics.
    And are those republican leaders that troll for sex in mens rooms and pursue congressional pages Muslim or Christian?

  2. Hi Joe,

    It’s hard to know where to begin with a post like yours, so first of all let me welcome you to this blog and let me wish you a happy and blessed Lord’s Day. If it weren’t for Jesus, we would all be slaving away this Sunday afternoon, not having a day of rest.

    Now, to deal with you post point by point:
    1) I’m hardly a Republican partisan. I find it easy to be critical of both Republicans and Democrats. The only reason I haven’t written something about Larry Craig is that I try to keep this blog family friendly, and the subject matter doesn’t lend itself to that.
    2) Your comment about the Republicans being the party that ensures that bin Laden continues to exist baffles me. It was Bill Clinton who could have captured him well before 9/11. Bin Laden is a tough fellow to capture, and we probably have to launch a raid inside of Iran, or Pakistan, or Afghanistan to capture him, if he is indeed still alive. (There are some who think that the guy on the tape was an impostor.) If we do that, we will probably kill some civilians in the effort, and Democrats will be quick to criticize the action, unless it happens during a time that a Democrat is in office, in which case it will be OK.
    3) Assuming that you live in Union City, George W. Bush is OUR leader, not your leader. This is true, even if you didn’t vote for him, unless you emigrate. This is just a simple fact of representative government that you need to comprehend. Similarly, Bill Clinton was my president in 1998, even though I had voted against him twice and wished that he were impeached. But if Democrats had cleaned their own house, we might have had President Al Gore, so I am thankful it turned out the way it did.
    4) I would respectfully suggest that James Buchanan, Warren Harding, and Jimmy Carter were all worse than President Bush. (See, I’m not so partisan. Two of my choices for worst ever are Republicans.) And I am glad that you admit that GWB was elected.
    5) Where in my last post did I attack the Muslim faith? I was actually mocking Osama bin Laden, who is considered by some to be a good Muslim, and by others to be an aberration. You are over-generalizing, but…
    6) I do think the Koran is bad. I have read parts of it, have you? I would like to say I have read all of it, and I may in the future, but it is so awfully bad that it is hard for me to pick up. Books that advocate chopping my head off have that effect on me.
    7) Yes I am a Christian. we can talk about that more if you like. Apparently you don’t understand the story of the Bible terribly well, but if you are willing, we can work on that. I do teach adult Sunday School, and I don’t think you are a hopeless case.
    8) Amen to your comment that if people understood history, they might actually make semi intelligent choices in religion and politics. I don’t expect that we would agree on those choices though.
    9) Those who do the things you mention (and the original page-pursuer was Gerry Studds, a Democrat who never lost his seat) were neither good Muslim or Christian. If they professed to be Christian, they were acting as hypocrites, and deserved to be disciplined by their church. In our church, a person who sins sexually (whether heterosexually or otherwise), and does not repent, would eventually be put out of the church, because such behavior is not consistent with being a Christian.

  3. Golly Gee, you dont want to read a book that advocates chopping of your christian head but it seems you have little empathy for an Egyptian muslim that would not want to read or heed your bible because the christian god thinks nothing about killing innocent Egyptian babies.
    After reading the bible, its detailed description of holy men committing incest, adultery, pimping, murder and fornication a christain should never be critical of another religions holy book. Your book is no better than the Koran and likely worse, but hey its your book so you see it as okay and will likely have all kinds of rationalizations and excuses for its brutal lewd contents. In your self absorbed way you would never offer excuses for the holy book of another religion.

  4. Hi Joe,

    In my last post, I asked a question. Have you read part of all of the Koran?

    One difference between the Koran and the Bible is that the Koran has no context. So when the Koran tells the faithful Muslim to war against infidels and chop off their heads, it is a command for all times and all places.

    In contrast, the Bible describes the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, and the conquest of the Promised Land, but in the conquest of the whole story, it is clear that Christians do not act in the same way. We are to “go make disciples of all nations.” Yes, we have done that stupidly and badly in many cases, so you don’t even have to go into that.

    You also described some of the sins of the holy men of the Bible. Yes, those sins are there, and neither I nor the Bible attempt to cover them up. But the sins you described are not portrayed as being right. They are described, not endorsed, and often the consequences of the sin are clearly portrayed.

    I am curious. Are you an atheist, or something else?

  5. i’ve read the bible, dont tell me what is portrayed as right or wrong, take Lot for example, he was one of the few god chose to save from Sodom and Gommorah, I imagine god thusly thought he was a good man, this same Lot offered up his virgin daughters to be raped, later Lot had incestual sex with his daughters, god really knows how to pick out a good man doesnt he?
    I am a non believer and I non believe because of the evil and despicable acts in the holy bible, you didnt write it, you dont get to rationalize or make excuses for it, read it as it is, its nasty and no way to live a good life. I hope they never let such a book be present in a public school, children should be guarded from its content

  6. Joe,

    I can believe that you have read the Bible. Given your demonstrated skills in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and ability to follow arguments, I have a pretty good idea of how well you understood it.

    Are you trying to tell me that Lot’s actions in the Book of Genesis are portrayed as good? If so, please explain how you came to that conclusion. Go ahead, open your Bible, or read it online. It won’t hurt you, really.

    But before you open your Bible, let me give you a hint about Bible interpretation. They probably don’t even teach this one in seminary. (My pastor reads this blog sometimes and he may correct me if I’m wrong.) Any action that a character in the Bible does while drunk is probably sinful.

  7. No, what I told you was that out of all the people living in Sodom and Gommorah, god picked Lot to save, saying he was good. Your god isnt a very good judge of character is he.

    and my main point was that you will read the Koran and read a brutal verse and condemn it, yet when you read your own bible you make excuses, religion is weak, it cant stand on its own, it needs excuses and rationalizations, your book is as vile and corrupt as the Koran, you’re a christian so cant admit it, again dont worry about the Koran, your god freely killed Egyptian babies and implored his followers to kill other babies, I refuse to worship a god like that, what kind of man worships a baby killer?

  8. Joe,

    God had no illusions about Lot’s character. The weakness of Lot’s character was foreshadowed well before the Sodom and Gomorrhah incident. But God does save sinners, and he puts their sins as far as the east is from the west. In fact, Lot’s sins, though prominent in Genesis, are not mentioned in the New Testament.

    On a different topic, I would like you to take a look down to your keyboard. The the right of the comma key (,) you will find a key that looks like this. (.) That is called a period. If you put one of these marks at the end of each sentence, you will appear to be more intelligent. You should try it.

    I thought they taught that in Union City schools, but perhaps you were truant that day.

  9. I’m not here to be seen as intelligent. I’m here to set the record straight, cut through the crap that is being spooned out here, and be a champion for truth , justice and the American way.
    The last think I’m trying to do is garner approval from people that worship mythological beings that live above the clouds

  10. Relax, Joe. You don’t have to take so much on yourself. What becomes of the American way really doesn’t depend upon whether you personally see to it that nothing you disagree with goes unchallenged anywhere within ErieBlogs. Go enjoy some of the lovely world that you don’t think God created, instead.

  11. Joe,

    I see you have some ability to take advice, so I have started a new post with questions for you.

    BTW, the punctuation does work. In fact, it even makes your sentences more organized.

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