What About the Already Born, Hillary?

I know a politician can’t open her mouth in front of a large crowd without pandering, but Hillary, speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus, has outdone herself by proposing a $5,000 “baby bond” for every newborn.  You can read the article here:


There is much to say about this proposal, and one hardly knows where to begin.  First of all, the leading beneficiaries are an odd mix: pro-life Republicans, racial minorities, and religious conservatives would all benefit disproportionately, since they have a higher birthrate than white liberal Democrats.  I bet Hillary wouldn’t have made this proposal in front of a group of Unitarians.  Secondly, this proposal is odd coming from a Democrat, as it would encourage an increased birthrate.  Many Democrats think we are overpopulated already, and would consider the “baby bonus” an encouragement to overpopulation and irresponsible parenting.

But my main concern is, why does she care so much about those not yet born, and not for the kids and their parents who are already on the planet?  (Haven’t we all heard this argument used against those opposed to abortion?)  Why does this start at an arbitrary cutoff date in the future?  Why doesn’t she just give everyone $5,000 of taxpayer money?


4 thoughts on “What About the Already Born, Hillary?

  1. Or rather, why doesn’t she just give those of us with kids a 5K tax break? (Hahaha, yeah, right. There’s wishful thinking for you. A democrat who would actually give a tax break? Not in a million years.)

  2. I’m amazed how some people think. Some dont understand the very basics of economics. They must think our government can just print up money when they run short. It works like this, unless revenue in equals or exceeds revenue out you run deficits. Republicans seem to be dead set against paying more taxes yet dont seem to mind billions being poured down a rat hole called Iraq. The family value folks dont mind money spent for killing, bombing and repressing but try to get them to have empathy for the poor and spend money on helping those that need it, they go bonkers. When Bush arrived on the job there was a large budget surplus, now there isnt. Come on folks, you do the math and tell me what party is being responsible. You cant spend without revenue to back it up and Bush has done nothing but that.

  3. Joe,

    The deficit in the Bush administration can be easily explained. The economy was slowing down, perhaps even going into recession, right about the time Bush was elected. This would cause the surplus to shrink. Additionally, after a few years of fiscal discipline, the Republican Congress and the Democratic President were beginning to spend like drunken sailors again.

    Then, when 9/11 happened, the stock market dropped 20% overnight, and the economy suffered some more. Again, tax revenues suffered greatly, so the surplus vanished and deficits re-appeared.

    Now, the economy is doing better, and tax revenues are up despite several rounds of tax cuts. And the deficit is going back down, despite a whole lot of excessive government spending. Iraq is only a small part of the extra spending our government does. We have bridges to nowhere, ethanol subsidies, and who knows how many pork-barrel projects.

  4. I’m trying to be reasonable about it. I agree with much that you said, but Im not so sure about the Iraq war and associated expenses being just a small part of the spending.
    My original point was why is Hillary being singled out and why arent people against all frivolous and extra spending?
    For instance, the reply Trisha made. She didnt make it about the out of control spending, she chose to make it about politics. I bet you a dollar to a donut a person like Trisha never wrote any condemnations about the last 8 yrs of a Republican controlled congress, six of that with a Republican president, and their pork barrel, out of control spending like the bridge to nowhere.
    Why make it about Hillary? If you are a Republican, clean your own house first instead of spending your time with Rush/Hannity inspired attacks on Hillary.
    I’m tired of free spending, self serving Republicans attacking others for their free spending and Im also tired of a party that campaigns on family values usually having far less family values than the average man in the street. The truth is there, if people would only rip the bandages of partisan politics from their eyes. I’m not holding my breath about it.

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