Guilty of Blog Neglect – Some Random Thoughts

I hope a person can’t be charged with blog neglect; if so, I could be in trouble.  Here are some random thoughts for Friday:

1)  Most fortune cookies are lame, but you get some notable exceptions. 

Anna likes to carbo-load with fried rice and other high-carb Chinese food the night before a big race.   Last year, before the regional cross country race, her fortune said, “Good to begin well.  Better to end well.”  She took that as a good omen, and she finished 4th in the region.

The Cross Country Regionals are tomorrow, so Anna got fried rice from the Jade Garden tonight.  Her fortune read, “It’s time to complete some unfinished business.”  We don’t know exactly what this means, but Anna is pretty sure that it involves leaving most if not all of the McDowell cross country team behind her.

2)  If you want to see bad parenting, go to any McDonalds with a play area. 

3)  The skunk that I wrote about two weeks ago seems to have moved on.  The mothball treatment worked.  (Thanks for the offer, Sean, but I won’t need the coyote urine.)  But now I have the persistent smell of mothballs to deal with.  The smell is worst in my closet that is closest to the skunk’s burrow.  Could the smell be going through the wall of the house and collecting in the closet?

4)  It is amazing how many job applicants can’t do simple math, such as fractions and decimals.  My company has a very simple math test for applicants, and I am amazed at how many people can’t get half of the answers right, even if they use a calculator.

5)  We had a cookbook once (the Encyclopedia of American Cooking) that had one recipe for elk.  What good is that?  If I ever shot an elk, I would need a lot more than one recipe.  Meanwhile, it had about 15 recipes for squash.


3 thoughts on “Guilty of Blog Neglect – Some Random Thoughts

  1. You need a lot of squash recipes to take care of the worldwide zucchini overpopulation problem. In a good year, my mom’s 3 gardens produce enough butternut squash to feed a small country, so 15 recipes doesn’t seem outrageous.

    I am thinking that it if you have Acorn Squash, it would be good to slice them in half and stuff the hollow area with Elk sausage. Of course, it would take about 250 Acorn Squash to hold all that sausage.

  2. Re #1: well, she only came in 8th at regionals, but beat out all but two of those Trojan dudettes. Looks like the region’s tougher this year. Fortunately, the forecast is for lousy weather at districts this week in Sharon, and she luuuuuuuvs to run in lousy weather. 😉

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