Running At Hershey

Yesterday Anna ran at the PIAA State Championship at Hershey in the AAA division.  About 300 runners complete in each of the races, and since they are the best in the state, they are often crowded together for much of the race.  Anna had the good sense to dye her hair bright red the week before the race, so she stood out in the crowd.

The night before we went out for Chinese.  (It is recommended to eat a high-carbohydrate meal the night before the race.  Chinese and pasta are two popular choices.)  She got two fortunes in her fortune cookie.  They did not contain any wisdom for the next day.

Unfortunately, a runner in front of Anna tripped, and Anna was one of about 3 runners who fell down in the resulting pile-up.  The only thing hurt was her pride, but when she got up she was toward the back of the pack, and in a crowd like this it is hard to make up lost time.  She finished at 22:44, and in 251st place out of 283 finishers.  She had hoped to be in the middle third.  Here she is coming up the hill, ot the right of the guy with the sunglasses.


Among local girls, Katie Spade did best in AAA, finishing in 84th place at 20:20.  Among AA girls, Lauren Zarger finished 4th, and Ciara Shorts (Anna’s step-cousin) finished in 16th at 19:47. 


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