Random Thoughts

1.  I saw a picture of Spiderman on a PapaJohn’s pizza box.  While Spiderman is a worthy role model, and would be fine on a Wheaties box, he does not belong on a pizza box.  Remember, Peter Parker lost a job as a pizza deliveryman, despite using his spider powers, because he couldn’t get through New York City traffic to make a pizza delivery within 30 minutes.  Is this the person PapaJohn’s wants on their pizza boxes? 

2.  Archery season is upon us, and lots of men are going into the woods with bows and arrows.  These bows are now so high tech that our ancestors who fought at Agincourt with longbows would not recognize them.  Of course, deer are even better at running away than Frenchmen, so bow hunters need all the help they can get, whether it is greatest new bow, a deer call, or special soap to hide their scent.  But sometimes they go a bit too far.

One trick that some hunters use is to wear a scent made from the urine of a doe in heat.  This naturally makes the bucks ignore every other scent and be lured in to their doom. 

But think about it.  Isn’t there something weird about a guy disguising himself as a doe in heat?  I mean, not just unsporting, but weird?  I don’t think I could do that.

3.  I have played guitar for many years.  This year I bought a mandolin and started learning to play it.  I figured it would be best if I only played the mandolin for awhile until I got used to it.  Today, I picked up the guitar again to pluck a simple song (Good King Wenceslas), and it felt very weird.  It was like my fingers had completely forgotten all that they learned over the years.

Obviously, my brain is missing some capability that musicians like  Dan Tyminski and Michelle Branch, who both play multiple instruments, have.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I think the key to playing multiple instruments is to not ignore one in lieu of the other. Play them both (though not necessarily at the same time). I play multiple instruments and after the first couple of weeks or so of switching back and forth, it didn’t feel so weird anymore.

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. My dad had one, and I’m sorry I never asked him to teach me.

  2. You should definitely know more about this than me. What instruments do you play?

    The good new is that the Christmas season usually gets me in a more musical frame of mind, so I should have more opportunity to practice both guitar and mandolin.

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