A Small World

When I was 9, we moved from the Pittsburgh area down to Severna Park, Maryland.  (Wow, I had no idea that it would have a Wikipedia article about it, or that Pat Sajak has a home there.) Though I was a shy kid, I pretty quickly got to know a few of the neighborhood boys.  We did typical boy things, like playing 2 on 2 football, Smear the Queer (a reverse tag variation involving a football and a whole lot of bruises; there are several more politically correct names for it), and fishing in the Severn River.

One of the boys in this group was Garrett Craw.  Like many kids in the area, he was from a military family, and moved frequently.  After 4th grade was over, he moved on to Germany.  I grew up and probably went a decade without even thinking about him.

One day I was looking at a blog and saw a link to another blog called “The Craw.”  So I clicked on it, and found out that it was operated by a Garrett Craw.  There are undoubtedly several people with that name in the world, but only one of them would be my age, from a military family who moved around a lot, and who looked like a grown up version of the kid I knew.

Just last week, I posted on his blog, and he recognized me.  Our paths have taken a few common turns.  We both became Christians in college, and we both have served as elders in the same denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America.  (He has gone on to pastor a church in a different denomination.)

The world can be a very small place.


5 thoughts on “A Small World

  1. If you read the relevant post at Garrett’s blog (the one about inflation), you’ll see that “roots” isn’t exactly the word. He was a navy brat, just passin’ through Maryland. Can’t imagine WHY a navy family would wind up in that part of Maryland, 😉

  2. There was lots of military there. The Naval Academy, Fort Meade, and of course the Pentagon. Plus a whole lot of defense contractors.

    My one friend had a father who was a “Commander” who taught at the Naval Academy. My dad got the honorary title of “Admiral of the Chesapeake Bay” for some good deed he did. So I boasted that my dad outranked his dad, but he retorted that his dad could sink my dad.

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