How People Find Me

After several months of blogging, it is interesting to look at what searches people do to find my blog.  Here are some of them:

Boyfriends – This is a subject I try to avoid talking about.  Ever.  Now that my oldest is 17, I won’t be able to avoid this subject much longer.  Prospective boyfriends will need to fill out an Application for Permission to Date My Daughter.

Did Neanderthal children have toys? – Yes.  But their politically correct teachers wouldn’t let them take toy spears and clubs to school, and then their civilization declined.

Books on bad women drivers – I’m sure there are many of them out there.  However, as I prefer to sleep in my bed and not on the sofa, I am not at liberty to comment about this.

Kill Osama Bin Laden Game – While I am pretty good at Chess, Go, Risk, and even Age of Empires, I have no idea what the rules of this game would be.  That’s too bad, because the $25,000,000 reward money would go quite a ways toward college tuition and weddings.  I imagine bribery would be an essential part of the game, since someone is hiding him quite well.  Anyone who kills OBL will be very rich, and, if he is smart, will stay anonymous. 

 Unfortunately, I do not have any answers, even smart-alecky ones, to the following inquiries:

How does Good King Wenceslas Like His Pizza Toppings?

Saturnalia activities for middle school


6 thoughts on “How People Find Me

  1. Thank you, Sean. We try to keep it warm and friendly here.

    Barb and Jane, I’m not sure about Good King Wenceslas’s favorite pizza toppings, but we know he shared his pizza (and his wine) with the poor. Also, he didn’t like to pay delivery charges, which was why he was out on a cold night with his page in the first place.

  2. It wasn’t vegetarian pizza either: “Bring me flesh and bring me wine.” OTOH, he not only had one of those insulated bags that the delivery guys carry their pizza in, he evidently had electric socks, as well.

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