A Shameless Plug, and a Thursday Rant

1.  The Mrs. has put a number of our used books on the Amazon.com used book listings.  The selection is weighted toward childrens books, particularly those that might be used in  homeschooling, but there is plenty of other stuff too.  More will be going for sale as time permits:  our bookshelves are maxed out.  I put a permanent link to our listing on the sidebar.

 2.  A disaster of gigantic proportions has happened in our household.  Both our washing machine and our dryer have failed in the last week.  Do you know what it is like to have 5 kids and have the laundry facilities fail? 

Our government needs to mint some more quarters to handle this crisis, as all the quarters currently in circulation will be going to the nearest laundromat.

The washing machine has to go into the shop.  It is an expensive side loader (they are great, and they really save energy, but we do put a lot of wear on them).

Today I tried to fix the dryer.  I should say, I tried to get the part.  It is amazing that no one has the temperature control switch on a Kenmore dryer in Erie, and the best I could do was to get it sent overnight to one of the local repair parts stores.  I tried Sears, and you have to call their national number to get the parts department of the local store.  When they gave me the number of the Sears repair center at the Millcreek Mall (after I convinced them that Buffalo and Ohio were not nearer to me than Millcreek, I called the local shop, and their answering system sent me back to the 800 number.  So much for customer service.

I sure hope it is the right part.  It is expensive enough.


9 thoughts on “A Shameless Plug, and a Thursday Rant

  1. I’ve had good luck with a website called repairclinic.com. You can diagnose and order the parts right there. Locally V & V is good for parts.

  2. V & V has always been good for me before, but this time they were high priced and long lead time. Then again, no one was able to help me this time. I can’t imagine that much trouble finding a Kenmore part. It’s not like its an off brand.

  3. Well, I know what it’s like to lose your washer with 3 kids in the house, but not 5, lol. It stinks just the same! I sure hope you get it fixed soon 🙂

    As for the books, I’ll have to check them out once we finally get completely moved and settled in NY 😀

  4. I’ve got a roll of quarters I can loan you. :0)

    We go through them everytime we travel–but the closest and cleanest laundromat to us (our washer went out a year or so ago) is coin-free which was totally cool.

    Hope it works out soon for ya’ll.

  5. James,
    With all of your kids, you don’t have a working washer? Unless you are washing your clothes in the nearest stream, you must really burn up the money.

    The main difference between 3 and 5 kids is the laundry. Once you are past 2 kids, parenting changes from a man-to-man to a “zone” defense. Until the bigger kids find out that they can be bossy like parents.

    Where will you be living in Rochester?

  6. Sweetiepie, I’m thinking that James meant that he used that laundromat a year ago when his washer went out, and found it cool, not that he’s been using it ever since. LOL!

  7. Chuck Swindoll once told a story that illustrated how not to be sympathetic. He said that he knew of a woman who’d miscarried a baby, and someone said to her, “Well I know someone who lost twins.”

    Did I mention that I have friends with ten children whose washer and dryer both went out recently? 😉

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