Recovering From Disaster

Here is an update on the washer and dryer situation:

We are no longer spending quarters as fast a a gambler at Presque Isle Downs and Casino.

I was able to fix the dryer using the SECOND part I had to buy.  I should have trusted my electronics training rather than a repair guy who was in a hurry, but I probably saved a little bit of money compared to having the repair guy make another trip.  The moral of the story is, learn a bit about electronics if you can.

The washer is dead and gone (it would have been $700.00 to fix), and replaced with a GE floor model that had a few scratches, but came with a 5 year complete warrantee and free shipping, and was $150.00 cheaper than a similar brand new model.  It looks like we got to the store at just the right time.  Front loaders seem to have gotten more reasonable over the last 5 years.

I have to say that we are disappointed with the short life of the Kenmore, but it may be that when we moved 1 1/2 years ago, we damaged it slightly and it started to wear badly.  Otherwise, we just got a lemon.


5 thoughts on “Recovering From Disaster

  1. Insanity’s Oasis on your links is offering a washer and a dryer for free. Pickup day is tomorrow. Maybe you need a spare of each, just in case. Free is not a bad deal either.

  2. I saw her post, but I honestly have no where to store a spare washer and dryer.

    I hope it gets to someone who needs it.

  3. Lenny,

    I don’t quite know what to say, except that maybe you need to give up the beer. It is not a necessity, and it causes a number of troubles. 3,000 years ago someone wrote this about getting drunk:

    Prorberbs 23:29-35
    29 Who has woe?
    Who has sorrow?
    Who has contentions?
    Who has complaints?
    Who has wounds without cause?
    Who has redness of eyes?
    30 Those who linger long at the wine,
    Those who go in search of mixed wine.
    31 Do not look on the wine when it is red,
    When it sparkles in the cup,
    When it swirls around smoothly;
    32 At the last it bites like a serpent,
    And stings like a viper.
    33 Your eyes will see strange things,
    And your heart will utter perverse things.
    34 Yes, you will be like one who lies down in the midst of the sea,
    Or like one who lies at the top of the mast, saying:
    35 “ They have struck me, but I was not hurt;
    They have beaten me, but I did not feel it.
    When shall I awake, that I may seek another drink?”

    Obviously you are missing out on a lot in life (and experiencing a lot of unnecessary pain) if your beer budget is as high as you claim.

  4. Ray,

    I feel your pain. A few months ago, just as I was taking a new job that took me out of the home regularly for the first time in seven years, our dryer broke. The problem was a temperature sensor, and it was a hassle getting the new part. Then when I replaced that, the heating coil died. Then a couple of months later—but before Kari had yet adjusted to me being gone all day—the timer went out. We have 40% fewer children than you, but being without a dryer is still a bum deal.

    We bought a scratch and dent unit from a local appliance retailer, my brother and I moved it in ourselves, and the normal trash collection even took the old unit free of charge. All was well that ended well. Happily the washer has been just fine.


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