Feeling Drained

Giving blood is always a good thing to do (if you are over 110 pounds, healthy, live a healthy lifestyle, haven’t been to strange places or with strange men/women, and haven’t given blood in the last 8 weeks). 

If you are in Erie, now is a great time to give, because if you give at the Community Blood Bank, you are automatically entered in a drawing for a $2500 vacation package from Cappabianca Travel.

Last night I went to give blood, and I feel lucky.  Maybe a free trip to Margaritaville is in my future.

All of my readers who are able should go and do likewise.  The ladies at the blood bank treat you nicely, give you lots of treats to get your fluid levels back up, and then you get to go home with your “be nice to me – I gave blood” sticker on your shirt, and everyone is nice to you for a change.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Drained

  1. You had me up ’til the “for a change” part. I don’t believe for a minute that it’s unusual for people to be nice to you when you go home!

  2. Miss Valerie,
    It’s just different when I give blood. Instead of me reading Christopher a bedtime story, he offers to read me one, and tuck me in.
    Josh, on the other hand, sees a sign of weakness and challenges me to a game of speed chess.

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