Ed Rendell for Veep???

Someone has suggested the idea that our Governor, “Fast Eddie” Rendell could receive the Vice Presidential nomination for the Democrats. That person must have been smoking pot (and inhaling), and not just in the 1960’s.

I admit, there is a certain appeal to the idea of having our governor as a Vice Presidential candidate. They say in politics that you need to “balance the ticket.” So in the 1840’s the Democrats would make sure that there was a Northerner and a Southerner on the ticket, so that both residents of both “free” and “slave” free states would be reassured. This is how the tensions between the North and South were resolved peacefully. (Not)

Ed Rendell would balance either ticket perfectly. For example:

Barack Obama is thin, black, young, good-looking, and an inspiring speaker. Gov. Rendell is stout, white, old, not terribly attractive, and has no great speaking ability. In fact, he is good at putting his foot in his mouth, like he did when he said that lots of Pennsylvanians are not ready to vote for a black candidate. (Oddly, the voters least likely to vote for Obama seem to be competing minorities.)

Hillary Clinton is female and takes care of her hair. Gov. Rendell is male.

In both cases Gov. Rendell would also have the advantage of making his running mate look good. (This is the same theory that evil brides use when picking ugly bridesmaids’ dresses.)

Yes, I realize this analysis, based on gender, race, and appearance, is very shallow. That is why it fits perfectly with current Democratic thinking. Seriously, if Hillary or Barack were white AND male, would anyone think of them as presidential material?

There is one other important reason that we should hope that Governor Rendell does not become Veep:

Can you say “Governor Catherine Baker Knoll?”


2 thoughts on “Ed Rendell for Veep???

  1. Isn’t a large part of the job of the Vice President to campaign and help the presidential candidate get elected?

    In which case, why would you pick a running mate who sometimes says things that aren’t completely dumb, but never says ANYTHING intelligent for public consumption?

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