Sunday Snippets

I don’t have any topic that is worth its own blog post, so here are a few brief undeveloped thoughts:

1. I like to study to music. While preparing last year’s Sunday School classes on Proverbs, lots of different music worked. Alison Krauss & Union Station and Tim McGraw worked well, because country and bluegrass pretty much assume a Christian worldview and some of the songs exemplify Proverbs (or the consequences of not heeding them). Tim McGraw’s song “Can’t Tell Me Nothin‘” and AKUS’ “The Boy Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn” are good examples.

Now I am preparing to teach a class on the Book of Joshua. I don’t know what will work for my “soundtrack,” but I have discovered that Norah Jones is about the worst possible music choice to study this book of the Bible to.

2. Last night Joshua and I went to the Erie Chess Club, where they are playing the Erie City Championship. Josh got to play some informal games and I watched the games. We ended up staying out until 11:30, because there were two games that were exciting and went late. (Exciting means that the outcome was not certain until near the end, and one or both of the players was close to running out of time.)

When I told the Mrs. that we were out late watching an exciting chess game, she gave me a funny look. Most people, including those nearest and dearest to me, apparently don’t associate “chess” with “exciting.”

3. Most of the girls at MacDonald’s work at the counter, but Anna would rather deal with boiling oil than customers. In one 4 hour shift at MacDonald’s, Anna cooked 127 baskets of French Fries. Each basket makes about 2 1/2 large fries, which, according to MacDonald’s Nutrition Facts, have about 570 calories each, of which 270 calories are from fat. So she produced about 169,545 calories worth of French Fries, of which 80,310.787 calories were from fat.


4. If you want a movie that the whole family can enjoy, rent “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” The story is about a family of Bushmen who discover a Coke bottle that has been thrown out of an airplane. The bottle causes them trouble, and so their leader decides to find the end of the earth and throw it away. His travels lead him into Botswana, where his life, and the lives of a schoolteacher, a zoologist, and some incompetent revolutionaries with lots of guns meet. The humor in this movie varies from slapstick to sophisticated, and everyone 6 and up in this house liked it. There is some “National Geographic” style semi-nudity. Just don’t believe what the narrator tells you about the Bushmen. Apparently they now wear normal clothing, and some of them even have Internet access using solar-powered laptops.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets

  1. Why not come and play some chess on the site where I’m playing.. πŸ˜‰
    and… The Gods must be crazy is FUNNY! Jamie Uys of South Africa… one of the best I’ve seen… πŸ˜‰

  2. Jane,

    Thanks for pointing out the language issues. Unfortunately, I experience so much bad language in the world that I often don’t notice it.


    I take it you are not offended by the portrayal of South African (and other African) life found in that movie? πŸ™‚

    Which site do you play on? I probably can’t play there (getting an hour without interruptions is basically impossible in my house, and I can always find a human opponent around here), but my son might enjoy it.

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