Responding to my Tag

Nikita over at Chessalee, who is probably the first person from another hemisphere to post on my blog, has tagged me. The tag works like this. You take the nearest book- which has to have at least 123 pages or more…and then you open your book on page 123 and count 6 lines from the top and copy down lines 6, 7 and 8.

Since the nearest book to me at the time of the tag was one of my kids’ math workbooks, I will choose one of the books I was reading yesterday. This is Volume 2 of The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer. I have been reading Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History, which is in this volume, to prepare the Sunday School class I am teaching on the Book of Joshua.

Page 123 of this volume is from the book “No Final Conflict.” It is from the beginning of Chapter 2, which is The Unity of the Book of Genesis. Here are the lines:

“But it also follows that no studies can verify them. In short, there is no reason to accept the upper-story religious things either. The upper-story religious things only become a quarry out of which to have our own personal, subjective, existential, religious experience. ”

Francis Schaeffer’s point, which is only partly evident in this short quote, is that if you try to get a “religious” message out of the book of Genesis without accepting the “historical” information that is there, there is no reason to believe that the religious ideas that you get exist anywhere outside of your own head.

Francis Schaeffer was a highly influential teacher and the founder of L’Abri Fellowship.


11 thoughts on “Responding to my Tag

  1. Using the whisk beater, beat the mixture on high speed for 5 minutes or until triple in volume. (A hand beater may be used, but it will be necessary to beat for at least 10 minutes.) While the eggs are beating, sift together the flours.

    (The Cake Bible, Rose Levy Berenbaum, recipe for Chestnut Génoise)

  2. Hi Ray..are you from America? Northern hemisphere?.. 😉 I tried to find a link somewhere on your blog to see where you’re from.. due to Shewhopicksuptoys..comments.. 😉

  3. Nikita,

    I am in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. I guess I don’t come right out and say that anywhere on the blog, but there are clues here and there.

    From my comments on politics, you should at least be able to tell I’m American. 🙂

    And in case there’s any doubt, I am married to SheWhoPicksUpToys.

  4. Hmmm….it’s quite common for Americans to speak of Eastern and Western Hemispheres — the Americas being Western, and everything else being Eastern. I didn’t realize that terminology wasn’t universally familiar.

  5. Of course, we also speak of Northern and Southern as you do. It’s just a different way of “slicing” the globe. 😉

  6. Hi Ray… firstly…i assumed you were married to her..but didn’t want to ask… lol! due to your “nicknames!” and… I also assumed you are American, but once again…people live all over the world from diff places.. like me for instance 🙂 and.. it’s more common for you – i think – to speak of E/W hemisphere as I’m more used to speak of N/S hemisphere… but being now here in the “north”… will get more used to the other two too… it’s not that the terms were/are “unfamiliar”… you don’t use them that often… you would rather speak of countries and continents… 😉 unless you;re a Geo teacher of course!

  7. Hey, everyone is East/West of someone. It’s all relative.

    (I live East of BTG & Shewho… – about 2-3 miles East, but East nonetheless).

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