RIP, Gary Gygax

I feel old today.

I need to note the passing today of Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons and Dragons. Teenage geek culture would have been much different without him. Here is some commentary on his life from someone more active in the gaming community:

Rest In Peace, Dungeon Master

And here is a tribute to the game he invented:

I was a Teenage Half-Orc

I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons at a summer camp (for nerds) after ninth grade. For about a year, I was hooked on the game, and I was even a Dungeon Master for a while. However, the game can be very time consuming, so other interests pushed it out, and I never played it beyond my college years.

I also developed some doubts about whether Dungeon and Dragons was OK for a Christian to play. There are certainly temptations to let your “evil” side run free in role-playing games, and that is not good. For example, playing a Loki-worshiping female assassin would not be good for my soul. But it is quite possible to play these games without falling into these temptations.

Now, where did I put my 20-sided die…


3 thoughts on “RIP, Gary Gygax

  1. Adiel, I was just writing for my larger audience, who would likely not know what “d20” means.

    Actually, I am “Mature”, which gives me +1 Wisdom, but I think I also get -1 Strength. (Or is that -1 Constitution?)

    Of course, if I were an elf, I would still be in diapers….

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