Blizzard in Erie

Today we are having the worst snowstorm of the whole year this weekend.  We had about 8 inches last night, and we might get another 6-10 inches today.

Here is Maria in a snowdrift:


It is so bad, that the Department of Motor Vehicles canceled Anna’s driving test today,  due to the bad weather.

It is so bad, that we are facing the possibility of a sledding party being snowed out.

I had to drive a little today, and for the first time in many years, I got stuck in the snow and needed someone to give me a push.  The Plymouth Breeze is low to the ground and is prone to this sort of problem.

The boys are playing a lot of chess today.  If you look at the world’s distribution of chess talent, you will find that Iceland has the highest proportion of Grandmasters in the world, and Russia, Norway, and Sweden are very strong.  Long winters lead to skilled chessplayers. 

Insurance companies usually charge more for red cars, but in Erie, they should charge for white cars, since white cars are nearly invisible on a day like today.

Have you ever noticed the behavior of men with snowblowers?  There is usually one in every neighborhood around here, and they usually don’t just do their own driveway.  They will often take care of an entire block.  So if you see your neighborhood snowblower guy, thank him and give him a hot chocolate or something.


6 thoughts on “Blizzard in Erie

  1. I can perhaps add…that warnings have been issued here … people should stay away from the coasts…as winds are strong and can reach up to 80mph! …at least up till Wednesday…

  2. It’s about -5C here, but there was a fairly strong wind as well.

    I did take the kids sledding today, but there was too much snow for it to work well.

  3. The flower stems behind Maria’s head look like antennae. Any other children might be offended, but I think your children like the idea of being bug-like.

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