Books We are Reading – March 2008

Josh and I have just finished the St. Petersburg 1914 International Chess Tournament, by Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch.  This book proves that there is no neutrality, even in chess analysis.  While his analysis of the games is quite good, you can detect a trace of jealousy when it comes to Emanuel Lasker’s games, a distrust of the youthful inventions of Alekhine and Nimzovitch, and even some comments concerning Jose Capablanca’s late-night womanizing, which contributed to one of his defeats in this tournament.

I am reading The Jungle Book to Christopher.

Joshua has devoured 100 Cupboards, by N. D. Wilson.  We had read Leepike Ridge before, and liked it.  I have not looked at this book yet, but I probably will before it goes back to the library.

Meanwhile, Jane and I are reading Northanger Abbey to each other.  While Jane has Jane Austen nearly memorized, this is only the third of her novels that I have read.  It is much more satirical than Pride and Prejudice.


9 thoughts on “Books We are Reading – March 2008

  1. hmmm….you get spoilt!! Wish my hubby wants to read to me! 😉 think I should show him your entry here! lol! Why don’t you join to play me a game or 2? 😉

  2. Nikita,

    You look much different today. Did you drink a Polyjuice Potion that went wrong? 🙂

    I have registered as Ray_D at both and, so we could play, if the speed were slow enough. I will be travelling some in April, so we need to agree on a speed that is slow enough that I don’t forfeit.

    Does your husband play chess? At our club, the two TD’s are married. I see has a post about the perils of mixing chess and marriage. 🙂

  3. Hi Ray…good news..! I will invite you for games..unrated…and I will not claim a win…promise…I never do that with friendly games, I don’t like claiming games.. 🙂 and yes, had some “potion”.. lol! I love cats! 😉

  4. Jane plays, but she and I are many rating points apart, so we do not play each other. We are much more equally matched at just about any other game.

    Are you “Annabelle” at If not, I am playing chess with a strange woman. 🙂

  5. I thought so. The rating was similar, the location was consistent, and I recognized some of your opponents as visitors to your blog.

  6. By the way, lest anyone get the wrong impression, we are “many ratings points apart” was about the nicest imaginable way to say “my wife reeks at chess.”

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