Notes From Las Vegas

Las Vegas is about the last place I would choose to go.  I mean, I’m already married, so I have no need to see “a preacher-man who looks like Elvis.”  (Weddings start at $99.00 here.  Do they have a warranty at that price?)  And I’m a  Calvinist.  People who believe in predestination just have a hard time seeing the point of playing slot machines. (Games of skill are a different story.)

However, there is an equipment show here (they have to fill the hotels on weekdays, so there are a huge number of conventions in Las Vegas), so here I am, in a large hotel (with casino, of course) on the Strip.  You can’t expect a bunch of engineers to hold their convention in Salt Lake City, could you?

Dang, I wish I had my camera.  My view is pretty good…

Anyhow, I can see 10 tower cranes from my window during the day, so it would not be gambling to bet that people will continue to like this place.  Here are some observations, from someone who doesn’t like bright lights, who enjoys quiet,  and who is generally too stodgy to be a frequent visitor here.

1.  I wish they would stop calling this place “Sin City.”  I mean, it is somewhat accurate, but do you really want to put that on a coffee mug???  It seems self-fulfilling, and actually, the power of suggestion could be dangerous to some of us. 

Saint Paul said that when the Law of God appeared, the power of sin within him stirred up evil desires.  Couldn’t naming a place “Sin City” lead to more, um, sin?

2.  Dunsworth’s Law of Travelling in Las Vegas is as follows:

To get anywhere outside of your hotel room in Las Vegas, it is necessary that you walk through at least two casinos.

3.  I like my view, but I really don’t like my window.  I am on the 15th floor, and my window opens.  Isn’t there a danger that someone is going to gamble away all their money and jump out of one of these tall buildings?

4. There are very few clocks around here.  They really don’t want you keeping track of time, or thinking very clearly at all.

5.  Why would you go to Las Vegas to see Englebert Humperdinck?  Can’t you rent his concert on Netflix? 

6.  As a co-worker told me, “What Happens In Vegas, Stays……

On YouTube!!!”


5 thoughts on “Notes From Las Vegas

  1. 😉 Hopefully people like you will be in the top floors and won’t jump out of the window…lol! did they ask you about your gambling-habits before the booking…to make sure you’re in a room in one of the top floors… 🙂

  2. Perhaps…they knew you are the more sober type and put you in the top floor…;) did they ask you about your drinking habits when you made the booking! lol! i’m just now silly…;)

  3. No, but my boss said he sent me rather than some others, because he knew I didn’t drink. I don’t know how he knows that…

    And I gave the window a second look. It only opens a little way, so only a very thin person could jump out.

  4. Technically, he does drink. We polish off a bottle of wine about every three months and a case of beer about every two years. But he “doesn’t drink” in the sense relevant to this conversation. 😉

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