Vote Cthulhu For President on Tuesday

By now, you all are probably sick of the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary.

You have gotten tired of tracking Bill Clinton’s whereabouts, so that you could keep your daughters at least 10 miles away. You have heard Obama say “Yes, We Can” so many times that you just want to say “But What if We Don’t Want To?” You have avoided the roads where Teddy Kennedy might be traveling to campaign for Obama. You watched Hillary toss down a shot and a beer, and you wished there was a mickey in it. You have received 10 calls from the candidates each day, and you can’t even watch “American Idol” without being inundated by the same ads.

You may have concluded that there is not a dimes’ worth of difference between the candidates, and you would be right.

Well, here is your chance to make a difference.



[For those of you who are not horror story nerds, Cthulhu is a fictional creation of H. P. Lovecraft. You can read more about Cthulhu here. One girl who read “The Call of Cthulhu” reported that she was “afraid to go into the basement for weeks” after reading this. I have not read it, but apparently compared to Cthulhu, Dracula is about as scary as the Easter Bunny.]


9 thoughts on “Vote Cthulhu For President on Tuesday

  1. We had Clinton on the news here tonight…and I must add..that I’m also getting tired of everything “there”.. wish it’s now done and over… lol! anyway…good luck for whoever wants Hillary/Obama to win…or is it now Bill too… 😉

  2. Hi Gerbil,

    Welcome to my blog. I’m not familiar enough with the story to know who Yog-Soggoth is, but I am guessing that he might not meet the citizenship requirements to hold office.

    Of course, in the Cthulhu administration, tehnicalities like that wll not be a problem.

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  4. I just started reading your blog and came across this post, and it brought back memories of reading many a Lovecraft story as a teenager. Ah, good times, good times.

  5. I believe that Cthulhu and the rest of the Great Old Ones are described as being above such things as Good and Evil, they just simply do.

  6. always love seeing references to Cthulhu, but I think the presidency would be an evil he would not sully his tentacles with. Still, I’d vote for it!

  7. Sadly here in Aus we have to settle for a Prime Minister, and they just can’t do despotic embodiment of evil quite so well..

    That said, is it possible to get that pic on a poster? My lounge could do with some decorations.

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