When Elections Get Ugly

As the field of candidates was whittled down, our family became increasingly dissatisfied with the system.

The people we liked all seemed to drop out too early.

We all agreed that one of the candidates seemed to be a girly-man.  It was something about his hair.

Another one was way too inexperienced to be ready for the top spot, and we were surprised how far his youth, minority status, smooth voice, and good looks got him.

As the battle continued, we despaired, and were amazed at the stupidity of the American electorate, who seem to reject the gifted and advance talentless hacks.

As the field narrowed, it became clear that either the African American or the woman had to go. The choice was made.

And we wondered to ourselves:



6 thoughts on “When Elections Get Ugly

  1. LOL, I LOVE this post! And, I must say, I agree with your election post. Down to the very last word. I only have one candidate left to choose from, as I think they are the best of the whole field.

  2. Well, we voted here too…and I don’t like the new Mayor of London… he needs a comb for his hair…wish somebody could give him a comb…!!

  3. After tonight’s performance I’ll stick out my neck and predict that this post will be outdated within 24 hours.

    It takes a special ability to make a Dylan song sound more messed up than the original, and a special kind of unwarranted self-confidence to attempt to do both Bob Dylan and Bob Marley on the same night, when you haven’t half the chops to do either.

    Nikita, it’s hard to imagine that face associated with the title “Lord Mayor of London,” isn’t it?


  4. I had a hard time believing that Jason would have shot the sheriff.

    I would have an easier time believing that he offered the sheriff a joint.

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