The Week of Parental Pandemonium

Sometimes you have a week where all the kids’ activities come together at once. This was such a week.

Thursday – Anna ran in districts. It was scheduled for Wednesday, but there was too much rain even for a track meet.  Ballet rehearsals are happening throughout the week.

Friday – Anna had Prom.  She spent all afternoon getting beautiful for it. Too bad both of our digital cameras aren’t working, so we have to wait for pictures from her friends. The event makes me think of this song:

Saturday – Joshua had his math placement test for Collegiate Academy, to see whether he starts with Algebra I or Algebra II. Then he auditioned for the Orchestra. Mr. Lute was the music teacher he auditioned in front of.  (They also have a Biology teacher named Mrs. Petri.)

Meanwhile the girls went to final rehearsal, where Christopher, age 7, surprised us by not flirting shamelessly with all the little ballerinas.

In the afternoon, Joshua  had his violin recital at World  of Music, and  at 7:00,  the girls danced at the Lake Erie Ballet Spring program.

On Sunday I am planning to do….. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


2 thoughts on “The Week of Parental Pandemonium

  1. Christopher’s flirting opportunities were limited as he had to be kept sequestered from the ballerinas, since they spent most of the time in the same room in which various ones of them were changing in and out of costumes almost constantly.

    Had he had more access to them, I think he would have been wowing the 11-13 year old crowd and ignoring the younger ones. 😉

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