Bike to Work #1

I realize that National Bike to Work Week was 2 weeks ago, but in our household, that was Chauffeur Your Kids Everywhere Week, so I missed it.  Besides, our appalling lack of global warming did not make for pleasant biking. 

Speaking of global warming, here is a leading global warming opponent taking her pets for a walk.  Maybe they are visiting Al Gore:


So last weekend, after looking up at the $3.99/gallon gas price signs (gack!), and down at my stomach (ick!), and a bit farther down to the bathroom scale (ack!!), I decided that this was the week to start biking.  The ride to work is about 3 miles, down hill in the morning, and someone had the thoughtfulness to put a bike path alongside the Bayfront Connector, so I really have no excuse for not biking on nice days. 

I am happy to report that I did not see any broken glass on the bike paths.  This is good for my soul, since every time I see broken glass, I think of how much I would like to make the guilty litterbug walk on it with bare feet.  Those are some of the more pleasant and edifying thoughts I have on the subject.

I am less happy to report that most drivers don’t know what to do when they see a bicyclist.  Mostly, they just pretend that we don’t exist, and go their merry way, even if that happens to be right where we are.  They don’t give us the rights of either pedestrians or vehicles.  Maybe if we all had ear-splitting freon (or whatever it is that has replaced freon these days) horns, we would get their attention.


One thought on “Bike to Work #1

  1. I think going to work by bike is just the thing to do! Unfortunately, I will have to go about 3x your distance! I will only do it if there’s a shower at work…if I were closer…lol! some of the men working with me do come by bike though…but they do live closer, I must add… I love bike riding…as a kid on the farm I had a close friend and she visited me with her bike and we then went into the hills with our bikes..was fun.. where are the good old days…;) we all have bikes now where we live and love to go to the parks…traffic and weather make it a bit difficult sometimes…but we’re lucky to have a huge park very close, so it’s a quick 5 min on the bike and you’re in the park…but in the park they have also now closed certain areas where you could go and have less pedestrians…you have to pay now to be able to enter those areas, which isn’t very nice of them…as it makes areas available more crowded…and less pleasant on sunny days..

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