Rude And Annoying People #101

Rudeness abounds everywhere. I am not thinking about the casual thoughtlessness that we all fall into at times.  Some rudeness requires effort on the part of the perpetrators.

As a society, we need to take active countermeasures, because ignoring the problem just won’t work.  As The Mikado says, “Let the punishment fit the crime.”  As the Lord High Executioner says, “They’ll none of them be missed.”

1. People who break glass, anywhere. Whether you are riding on a bike path, or walking in Wintergreen Gorge, or jogging on a sidewalk, you will see broken glass everywhere. There is a class of people who can carry a full bottle of beer or pop somewhere, but it is apparently too much effort to carry the empty bottle to a garbage can.  I hope none of these people observe Earth Day.

2. People who wear profane T-Shirts. These sorts of people are usually found at Wal-Mart. They wear T-Shirts with profanity, or a sexually explicit message on them.

I don’t know what to do about these people, but I understand that one aspect of the aging process is that it is harder and harder not to speak your mind, so I need to develop a plan for when I am too old to just keep my mouth shut.

Meanwhile, I have a nice crisp $5.00 bill for any of my kids who finds a creative way to publicly embarrass one of these people.

3. People who swear at their kids. Yes, this group (closely related to #2 above) is often found at Wal-Mart too. If they do it in public, imagine what they say when no one is watching.

4. People in cars who see runners or bikers, and feel the need to shout comments about their anatomy. If we are exercising, and you are in a car, there’s a good chance our bodies are better than yours.

If you are a guy in a car, and you see someone with long hair on a bike, and shout, “Nice ___”, I hope that you pass this person and realize that…. it’s a guy.  With a beard.

5. People who send spam to this blog. I could not run this place without a spam filter.  For every legitimate post, I get two or three ads for life insurance, car insurance, online gambling, and other things that I refuse to mention here.  If Dante’s Inferno were re-written today, there would be a special level for these people. The frightening thing is, that these people would not try spamming my blog if it wasn’t profitable. That means that suckers are born about every nanosecond.

It is good that I have a spam filter, but I wish that someone would develop an anti-spam device that counter-attacked the spammers and hurt them, preferably in the wallet. Then they would stop.


7 thoughts on “Rude And Annoying People #101

  1. I hear you. Agreed on all of your rants and raves. [I probably should abstain from commenting about the bicylcists as it has been a few years since I rode on the streets of the city-too many crazy drivers for me!] .

  2. Here’s an example from a visit to Walmart yesterday:

    apparently someone bought a child’s carseat and decided to install it immediately rather than cart the box home. Okay, that actually makes sense — especially if you have a small vehicle, it’s hard to fit a large box like that in it, so you might as well just put the carseat where it’s going to go.

    But they left the box sitting in the parking lot, taking up a parking space. Apparently, that fifty foot hike back to the store with an empty box, to give it to the nice greeter lady, was just too hard.

  3. And what about people (or children) that can’t believe it that you DO “normal”, good people in the world…I have all my days to convince a couple of children at the school where I’m working that my own children (teenagers):
    don’t swear, spit, smoke, drink, are NOT sexual active, are not rude to other people…my question to them…why do you HAVE to be rude…swear, spit, etc….and their reply…”but EVERYBODY is doing it!!”…oh my gosh…what a world we live in! they are apparently not used to “good things” in life…not having parents setting an example….what a sad world they live in!

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