Five for Friday

Here are some random thoughts for this sunshiny day which is really way too nice for blogging:

1.  Today was Anna’s last day of school for the year.  Education basically stopped a few weeks ago, when her AP exams were finished.  “Education” and “School” are not synonyms, BTW.

However, I don’t think she wants me to file a complaint, telling the teachers at Collegiate that our taxpayer dollars pay for 180 days of school, @#^^$*, and she should not be watching movies during school time.

2.  Today was the third time this year I rode my bike to work.  Despite the heat, I pushed a bit harder coming home today.  Most of the construction is finished on our curb cuts, which had to be re-done in Erie because they were just a tiny bit out of spec.  There are a lot more bicyclists this year than last year.

3.  It is finally warm enough to swim in our pool, especially if you don’t mind getting blue lips.  The kids apparently don’t mind one bit.

4.  I have been playing in a tournament on for the past month.  It is similar to postal chess, because you have several days to think about each move, but of course moves are transmitted at the speed of electrons.  Unfortunately, my opponents are moving very slowly these days (it must be the weather), and all of my easy games are done.

This website is quite good.  You can play there for free, but if you pay you get extra privileges, such as unlimited tournament play (a potentially addictive idea), elimination of ads (a good idea), and protection against going over your time limit.  (That’s kind of like overdraft protection.)  They will even give you a free blog and e-mail.

5.  I am trying to do some Bible memorization with some guys at church.  Our first passage is Psalm 1, which we are trying to memorize both in the Bible and in our Hymnal.  (We are Presbyterians, and many of our hymns are Psalms set to music.)  I am finding that my kids can memorize things more easily than I can.  I’ll plead the excuse that my brain is more full. 🙂


One thought on “Five for Friday

  1. What a long holiday for Anna…movies can be used in literacy in so many ways, but I know what you mean…lazy teachers…if you ask me! lol!! It’s much easier to do school work than just to watch movies, as children get bored with movies all the time…and then you sit with noisy classes…no thanks…I’ll prefer just plain work…my grade 3 children back in South African were never pleased with their teacher when everybody could leave their bags at home on the last day…but, no, not my gr3’s, pencil cases were left in chair bags….”just in case”…hehehe..then they got a surprise…no work! 😉 enjoy the swimming!

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