My One Year Blogiversary

Today is the official one year anniversary of my blog. I started the blog for the usual reasons:  To learn to write faster and better, to have a place to vent my opinions, and also, to encourage me to use a digital camera once in a while, so that there is a record of my family’s existence (this worked until the camera stopped working).

Since my blog has now lasted longer than many Hollywood marriages, I decided to note the day by looking at my 5 most popular posts that I have written this year.  Here they are:

1. The most read post is Vote Cthulhu for President on Tuesday, which was my silly response to the Pennsylvania Democratic presidential primary. If you Google “Cthulhu for President”, the picture of campaigning Cthulhu that is in my blog post appears with a link to my blog, so I get a lot of visits.

I think that many Ron Paul supporters have decided to vote for Cthulhu, because, while Ron Paul favors less government, Cthulhu most likely wants to get rid of government entirely.  Cthulhu should also appeal to those who think the planet is overpopulated.

2. The Real Mystery of Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong is next on my list. Ms. Diehl-Armstrong is the most notorious criminal that Erie has produced in a while. Fortunately, thanks to this post, I will never be on the jury when she comes to trial.

While I have joked about Ms. Diehl Armstrong, I also know that she graduated near the top of her high school class, and was once very pretty. It is sobering to think of what decades of sin and insanity will do to a person.

3. Indiana Manipulates Drop Out Statistics, Smears Homeschoolers.  Public schools have ways of manipulating statistics to make themselves look better. I was glad to bring one of these methods out a bit farther into the open.

4. The Amazing Mrs. Ruth Smythers. This is probably the post that I am most happy about. Mrs. Smythers is a legend, but many people, including graduate students, authors, and perhaps even Time Magazine, believe that she is real.  Anything I can do to help people know that she is legendary is a good public service.

5.  Was Jesus Born on December 25? This post sparked the most discussion of anything I have written.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, I thank you for taking the time to read. It would be great if you commented here, even if you are usually anonymous.


5 thoughts on “My One Year Blogiversary

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your blog. But a testamony of our times, I think we’ve conversed via blog more than at church and bible study. We need to correct that!

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