The Last Day of School, The First Day of School

For Pennsylvanian homeschoolers, the last day of school is often the day of the homeschool evaluations. Today we did the homeschool evaluation with the 3 of the kids who need it. (Christopher is still under the age limit, so the school system doesn’t have to know about him. In case any teachers are reading this and wondering about him, his handwriting is terrible, but he has read the whole Chronicles of Narnia, and he can count to 5 in German, which is pretty good for a first grader. However, his home school environment is full of weapons that would get you banned from public school, and sometimes drugs and alcohol are present.)

For an evaluation, you need a portfolio, and a certified teacher to do the evaluation. The portfolio includes samples of work done during the year and a resource list showing the materials that we used. We always include a list of the books that each child has read.

It takes about an hour per kid, and we have to prove that education is actually taking place in our household, and we are not using homeschooling as an excuse to avoid school. (I can’t imagine anyone doing this. School is essentially free day care, so nearly all parents will send their kids to school as long as child labor is not a legal option.)

For Joshua, it was also his first day of school. He is taking two summer courses at Collegiate Academy. Quite a few of the students there take summer classes, either to free up their schedule in the fall, or just to keep the brain working over the summer. Joshua is taking a math class and a basic computer class.

When Joshua got home, Christopher, who missed him very much, immediately met him and attacked him with a foam sword. Some things never change.


3 thoughts on “The Last Day of School, The First Day of School

  1. I think we can have a good discussion about homeschooling…. 😉 I would love to be a private teacher for any child willing to learn…you wanna send your chn here? lol!

  2. Christopher would like England, especially if he could live within sight of a castle.

    I think after 3 hours, you would be ready to send him back.

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