The Day at Waldameer

This week I took a day off from work and took the kids to Waldameer Park.  We had discount tickets that were only good for June, and this seemed like the best combination of good weather and work schedules that we could manage.  The weather co-operated very well, although Water World was a bit cold. 

Between us we got on almost all of the rides, and every one of us except Christopher (who was too short by 3″) rode the new Ravine Flyer II.  (By “everyone”, I of course do not mean the Mrs., who as everyone knows, does not do amusement park rides.  Not even Ferris Wheels.) 

I haven’t ridden a real roller coaster in 20 years, so my memories of other coasters are dim, but it was pretty exciting.  The second ride was better than the first, because I could actually think a bit about what was going on, rather than experiencing 89 seconds of abject terror.  The ride is visually interesting, because the turns appear out of nowhere.

On the first ride, with Joshua, his straight hair was standing on end.

My second ride, with Susan, was even more dramatic.  She STOPPED TALKING for the entire 89 seconds.  If you know Susan, you know how serious that is.  This is the girl who really liked the 140 foot drop (that lasted about 2.5 seconds) on the X Scream, and wanted to do it again.



2 thoughts on “The Day at Waldameer

  1. Sounds great! i need a day like this! but not for the moment as I got sun burnt today! A sports day and we were in the sun ALL day…not even an umbrella/parasol or a bottle of water… as i sit here typing…i’ve got Aloe-stuff on my arms for the sun burn…and I might stay at home tomorrow…i’m not used to the sun and…best of all, never got burnt like this in SA!! guess the ozone layer is thinner here…

  2. That is so not true. I went through the Wacky Shack, and I ride the carousel whenever they let adults on.


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