Cooking For Bachelors (Part 1)

Here is an easy breakfast recipe that even the most incompetent bachelor can make.  It also provides caffeine, which is one of the 4 basic food groups for single guys.  (The other three are beer, pizza, and donuts.)


Pour one cup of coffee into a cup.  The coffee can be cheap, or even left over from yesterday, and the temperature is not too important.  Add more milk and sugar than you are used to using.

Pour one cup of Cheerios into a bowl.  Yes, even if you are a bachelor, you have to wash the bowl first.

Pour coffee onto Cheerios.  Eat.  The recipe makes one serving.

For some reason all of the women in my family think this is weird, and all of my explanations do not persuade them.  I just don’t understand.


6 thoughts on “Cooking For Bachelors (Part 1)

  1. Adiel,

    On the contrary, I always think very rationally about food, and this is well thought out. I don’t understand why women are not persuaded by my reasoning. 🙂

    Cheerios and coffee have some things in common, and so they can be combined. For example:

    Cheerios is good for breakfast. Coffee is good for breakfast.

    Cheerios can have milk and sugar. So can coffee.

    Therefore, it is only logical that you can put coffee on your Cheerios.

    Now, your brother attempted Bacon Vodka. This was not logical, because while bacon is good for breakfast, vodka is not. [If you think vodka is good for breakfast, you need to talk to one of your elders. It may be a sign of a problem.] I think he was, in fact, disappointed with the results.

    Similarly, putting orange juice (or V8) on Cheerios wouldn’t make sense, because orange juice and Cheerios don’t have much in common.

  2. Adiel — don’t let him fool you. This whole “coffee on Cheerios” thing started several years ago when (before having drunk his coffee, and therefore lacking the necessary caffeine to make the day go right) he mistakenly poured it, instead of milk, on his Cheerios. Being the frugal sort he is, he proceeded to consume it anyway. Ever since then, he has been engaged in the process of justifying it by some standard other than “too cheap to throw out a bowl of Cheerios.”

    Now you have a taste of what I have to put up with. (j/k)

  3. Cheerios and coffee!! no way!! 😉 It’s like some children in the hostel, (my first year of Secondary I was in the school hostel, luckily only for a term!) and some of them ate.. peanutbutter on a sandwich (which i love) and then they put that on top of their porridge!(oats) with milk and sugar!! geee…. I couldn’t believe it! 🙂

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