Swimming Pool Sumo, Part 2, With Videos

After playing this game (rules are listed here), I decide to find out if we had actually invented it.  A google search suggests that nothing quite like it has been played (or at least filmed) before.  There are variants of it, including a video of a sumo ring floating on an Olympic size pool, with two women wrestling (not sumo) on top of it, with the idea that one of them was to push the other into the pool.  This is not very practical, because Olympic size pools are too big for my budget, and it was intended as a spectator sport.

There was also a computer game called Pool Sumo, but it appears to have only the bouncing aspect of the game, and not the dunking part.

Here are the promised videos, from two best of 5 matches.

In match 1, round 1, Dad (aka “the Beached Whale”) wins the point.  A swift, well-placed kick flips Joshua D.  aka “the Eel” off of his ring.

In match 1, round 2, Dad wins the point by grappling and pulling Josh off the ring.

When Josh wins a point, it is usually by bouncing me to the edge.  (If you or your floatie touches the side you lose the point.)  I almost never win a point that way, because he is too quick.  But here is a round where we grapple, and I go under first.  Maria also shows up as the referee.

If you play this game, we recommend that you wear more than an actual Sumo wrestler.


3 thoughts on “Swimming Pool Sumo, Part 2, With Videos

  1. That looks like a lot of fun! The closest thing to Sumo wrestling that my siblings and I did was to stuff huge pillows in our shirts and run into each other. We didn’t keep score- it more like whoever didn’t fly backwards and smash through a window won the game. 🙂

    Your pool version seems much safer and definitely cooler!

  2. You played that game too? My kids have played that game – they call it “belly boxing.”

    The scary thing is that there are adult guys who do the same thing, but with real beer-bellies. The sport is called “belly-bucking” and you can probably find it on YouTube.

  3. This is great fun…I can remember as kids we played some similar games on the rings… and it was always great fun…sometimes we were a bunch of about 8 on one ring and a group on another and one group tries to bring the others down… 🙂 great videos!

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