The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The ever vigilant religious police in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have discovered another grave threat to the morals of the kingdom.  They must have been listening to American country music or watching chick flicks when they realized their danger.

It seems that Saudi men, most likely influenced by the infidel Christian Americans and the Jewish dominated entertainment industry, have learned that walking a cute dog or cat is a good way to meet women.  [My brother figured this out a long time ago, which is why he has always owned at least one Labrador Retriever.]  This devious practice sometimes causes men and women to [gasp] talk to each other in public, and this can lead to flirtation and who knows what else.

My heart goes out to the Saudi men.  Meeting women in that land is tricky, since the women must cover themselves from head to toe.  You never know who you are talking to, but if your faithful dog approves of a lady, that is a point in her favor.

So naturally, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has decided to ban the sale of cats and dogs in Riyadh.  Boa constrictors and tarantulas are apparently still permitted.


Saudi Arabia’s religious police have announced a ban on selling cats and dogs as pets, or walking them in public in the Saudi capital, because of men using them as a means of making passes at women, an official said on Wednesday. Othman al-Othman, head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Riyadh, known as the Muttawa, told the Saudi edition of al-Hayat daily that the commission has started enforcing an old religious edict.

He said the commission was implementing a decision taken a month ago by the acting governor of the capital, Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz, adding that it follows an old edict issued by the supreme council of Saudi scholars.

The reason behind reinforcing the edict now was a rising fashion among some men using pets in public “to make passes on women and disturb families,” he said, without giving more details.

Othman said that the commission has instructed its offices in the capital to tell pet shops “to stop selling cats and dogs”.

The 5,000-strong religious police oversees the adherence to Wahabism — a strict version of Sunni Islam, which also forces women to cover from head to toe when in public, and bans them from driving.

Before you laugh at the Saudi religious police (and it is best to laugh at them from outside of Saudi Arabia), stop, take a deep breath, and remember that from the point of view of their brand of Islam, this makes perfect sense.

Also remember that the same Saudi oil money that is funding them, is likely to be funding a mosque near you.


3 thoughts on “The Truth About Cats and Dogs

  1. lol! funny entry… yes, we can only laugh…and feel sorry for the men..! a few times when i travelled on the London-tube…i saw also women covered from head-to-toe… I sometimes feel uncomfortable when near them ( I know it’s their culture/religion), but i like to see people’s faces. Poor men..again… 😉

  2. From my partial reading of the unabridged Arabian Nights, it seems like men are expected to lust after women if they reveal their faces. They just can’t help it.

    Of course, when sailors go too long without seeing a woman’s face, they see manatees and think they are mermaids. So perhaps the extreme modesty of Muslim apparel contributes to the problem, by hiding women so effectively that even the revelation of their existence cause men to stumble.

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