Strange Science – Possible Side Effect of The Pill

Women have put up with the known side effects of The Pill for two generations now.  If you want to know what these side effects are, you can read the very fine print on a prescription. 

Here is an article about a possible, subtle, and previously unknown side effect of The Birth Control Pill.

The Pill may put you off smell of your man and ruin your relationship

To millions of women it has been the great liberator over the past four decades, allowing them the freedom to control their fertility and their relationships. But the contraceptive Pill could also be responsible for skewing their hormones and attracting them to the “wrong” partner.

A study by British scientists suggests that taking the Pill can change a woman’s taste in men — to those who are genetically less compatible…

Read the rest of the story here.

According to this article, a woman’s sense of smell helps her to unconsciously be attracted to men who are genetically diverse from her.  This hidden sense helps her to find a mate who be more likely to be able to produce healthy children with good immune systems.  This mechanism has been studied in some depth.

The Pill appears to disrupt this sense, and causes women to be more attracted to partners who have similar genetic makeup in key areas, and will make a poorer genetic match.  When a woman discontinues the Pill, her sense of attraction returns to its “normal” state.

If this theory is true, then several things would be expected to happen:

1.  Women who use the Pill will often be attracted to men who are less likely to be able to father healthy children with them.

2.    When women who use the Pill go off the Pill to try to get pregnant, they may find their partner to be not as attractive as before, because the “chemistry” has changed between them.

3.   If a woman who is not sexually active before marriage goes on the Pill after marriage, she may find that her attraction to her husband lessens.  Again, the “chemistry” between them will have changed, and they will not have a clue why.

We worry about all sorts of chemicals, and the effects they may have on us.  Most of our worries are directed against chemicals that we ingest in trace elements.  Meanwhile, a prescription drug used by millions of American women has not previously received much scrutiny.


3 thoughts on “Strange Science – Possible Side Effect of The Pill

  1. WOW! I’ve missed a lot here! Think it’s those chess tournaments that kept me too busy last week! this post is interesting and the same time funny! I love this one! 🙂 Luckily, I don’t have to take these silly pills anymore… I got headaches from it!

  2. “headaches”… Too much information! 🙂

    Were you watching or competing in the chess tournaments?

    It looks like Josh and I will be going to a tournament on Saturday. Joshua should have some equal competition, but I may get the chance to be squashed by real masters.

  3. LOL! no, Ray… the time I took the pills myself… I got headaches… I love your post here…;) no, I blogged the British Chess Champ. and the World Juniors the same time…very exhausting…and now the Youth, but I’m not blogging the World Youth U16 intensive as I did the other two, too much to do and we’re going on hols for a week this Saturday… Good luck for the tourney! Both of you are very good players! Keep me posted about it…or, why not blogging your games! I know you will do well!

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