Forced to Learn Technology (by a Nag)

OK, I admit it.  While I have a bachelor’s degree in a technicial field, and I work in electronics manufacturing, in my personal life I wouldn’t mind being Amish.  (This may be why I have 5 kids.)

So I have this cell phone, which I am just barely in the habit of remembering to carry around half the time, but I am now at the stage in my life where I am the chauffeur, so I kind of need it.  I would not dream of sending a text message to anyone, and until today I didn’t even know how.

But unfortunately, someone decided that my phone number belonged to her husband/boyfriend/dad/mom, and has sent me 11 texts in the past 3 days, all reminding me of things I need to do.  I get enough of that from my real family, believe it or not.

So I had to figure out how to text this person, and tell her that she is dialing the wrong number.  If I didn’t do that my cell phone charges would pile up, and she would be sorely tempted to strangle the person who wasn’t doing everything she wanted.  I would hate for a series of wrong numbers to lead to a divorce/murder/assault.  Some enterprising attorney would probably sue me for not answering text messages, and causing family disharmony.

But I managed to figure out this piece of technology that was not designed for a person with my fat fingers, and the peace of the planet was preserved.


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