A Good Week to Give Blood

This is the Second Annual Erie Blogs Week at the Community Blood Bank. I gave in July, so I can’t give this week, but I encourage all of my Erie readers who are 17 and over, in general good health, and who live a healthy lifestyle, to GO GIVE BLOOD THIS WEEK. It won’t hurt too badly, and the nurses there will treat you nice and give you lots of cookies and drinks before you leave.

Adiel, if you are reading this, you are exempt, but you should send your husband and your dad.  Barb, AFAIK you are not.  Nikita, I don’t know if they want your blood, because when you give blood in the USA, they ask if you have ever lived in Africa, and then they ask if you have lived in England.  (Something about mad-cow disease, I think.)  So I guess you are exempt too.

And when you give, vote for your favorite Erie blog.  (Or you could just vote for me, Books, Toys, and Games.)  There is supposed to be a form at the front desk, and you should ask the receptionist about it.

If you do that, you will be entered in a drawing for a New Apple iPhone 3G.  I’m not sure what one of these is, but I’m sure you want one.

If enough of you vote for me (Books, Toys, and Games), I will also win one.  I know I want one, because it has a built in GPS, which means I will never have to ask for directions any more.  Since I’m a guy, that is just about perfect.  Perfect would be if it came with a bass boat, and the GPS also had depth charts for the lake and the bay.

Of course, my dear readers, you do not need to be bribed to do the right thing.


3 thoughts on “A Good Week to Give Blood

  1. Yeah, but you don’t want to win an iPhone. It’s a lot more expensive to use than a Tracfone. 😉

    There’s always ebay, though. 😀

  2. hi Ray…I used to donate blood in SA when I was a student…donated exactly 11 liter! but then time and again, I was sent away with some tablets as my blood didn’t contain enough iron! (they always test it first for iron…i think there too in the US?)..anyway…I tried every now and then for quite a while and got really fed-up with myself for the iron-thing and never went again…very sad as I would love to donate. I will never forget one of my male-friends as a student…very brave…he wanted to go too. (they used to let you sit down for a while afterwards and you could have tea and biscuits then before you leave).. he was really scared of the needle and I had a hard time not laughing at him…poor guy..but he donated and didn’t feel good afterwards…and I felt bad..of course..but he eventually recovered after the tea and biscuits but never went again. I could always get up immediately and walk away, but I loved the tea and biscuits, so I always preferred to sit down – and pretend! I;m not ok…lol! – and have tea and biscuits first.. 😉

  3. Forgot to say…I’m out the next 7 days…going to “explore” the “midlands”… so you won’t see me around for the next week! enjoy your week!

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