The Loony Left Meets Governor Sarah Palin

Democrats in general, and the Loony Left in particular, were totally surprised by the choice of Governor Palin as John McCain’s running mate.  They had not even put her on their “Next Cheney” attack site, where they put lots of negative information about other possible Vice-Presidential picks.  As expected, they have reacted to the news with their usual ladylike and gentlemanly behavior.  Here are some samples:

1.  Obama spokesman Bill Burton, within minutes of the announcement, called Palin “the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.”  That is rather like calling Obama “a former community organizer” without mentioning that he is a senator now, or like calling Ronald Reagan “the former actor.”

The ever-articulate Barack Obama backed off a bit from his spokesman’s words, saying, in his usual articulate voice, “I think that, uh, you know campaigns start getting these uh, hair triggers and, uh, the statement that Joe and I put out reflects our sentiments.”

2.  Her Wikipedia entry will be a war zone for the next two months.  One smarta** managed to get the site to say, for a short time, “Before all this however, she was born a man.”  Cute.

3.  The always classy Daily Kos (warning, one in five posts uses the f-word) has reported that Sarah Palin’s fifth child may really be her first grandson.  Allegedly, her daughter was pregnant, and she covered up the pregnancy by claiming that she was pregnant.  Of course, Down’s Syndrome babies are much more likely to happen to 44 year old mothers than to 16 year old mothers.  There is also plenty of photographic evidence of Gov. Palin’s pregnancy, even though people cover up in Alaska during the winter.

And it is hard (though not totally impossible) to breastfeed if you haven’t given birth first, and it is well known that she breastfeeds in the Governor’s office.

4.  A commenter in one loony left blog asked if Gov. Palin had ever left the USA for any sort of trip.

Actually, she was in Kuwait in 2007, visiting an Alaska National Guard unit that had been deployed there. This was a year before Barack Obama went to the Middle East.  She also visited wounded soldiers at Landstuhl, Germany.  This was a stop that Obama could not fit into his campaign schedule.

5.  Apparently, loony leftists are now scouring the internet looking for incriminating pictures of Sarah Heath in a bikini.  They know that we religious conservatives think that all women should wear burquas, and that if we saw a picture of Sarah Palin (nee Heath), a former contestant in beauty contests, in the swimsuit competition, that we will be shocked and not vote for her.  Here is a CraigsList ad looking for pictures of Sarah Palin in a bikini:

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-08-29, 9:44AM PDT

got a be a pic out there somewhere. Will the religious hardliners vote for a woman that was in a swimsuit competition?

Their counterpart taliban wouldn’t.

So if you put phrases in your blog like “Sarah Palin Bikini Shots”, “Sarah Palin Beauty Contest Photos”, or “Bikini Clad Sarah Palin Jello-Wrestles Polar Bear: Who is Endangered Now?”, you can be sure that lefty moonbats will be visiting your blog looking for something incriminating.

Some bloggers are putting phrases like that in their blogs just to lead leftist nut-cases astray, but I am of course far too mature to do that. I am just experimenting to see if this increases hits to my site.

If you leftist moonbats want to shock some Baptists, I have got a picture for you.

Here is Sarah Palin, dancing.

The Democrats do not seem to be getting off to a good start.


26 thoughts on “The Loony Left Meets Governor Sarah Palin

  1. Yeah, though I’m not the biggest Palin fan it does kind of bother me that so many bloggers and the internet rumor machine ground her up so hard and so fast. My problems with her are ideological, and I hope I made that clear on my blog. Alot of people seem to want to personally tear her up and its just sad that things like that and star power take preeminance in the American political spectacle.

  2. I heard Barrack Obama say his mother was 18 when she had him…! I wonder how old she was when she got pregnant….? I wonder why we haven’t seen more pics of Bill Clintons Girfriends and John Edwards secret flame…? also, how about the photos of the NY Att Gen’s Diva’s.

    Ask yourself if you would want your 17 year old Daughter and maybe your mother slammed by anyone and what happened to the so called Womans Rights Groups defending the rights of a “17” YEAR OLD YOUNG WOMAN and her Mother and their Right to Choose.

  3. John,

    That would make Barack’s mom somewhere between 16.5 and 18.25 when she got pregnant.

    It seems like everyone in Wasilla knew about the real pregnancy, and Bristol’s engagement ring was on when the Palin family was introduced.

    I really wonder why this wasn’t made public before Gov. Palin was announced as Veep. Maybe they knew the DailyKos types would make themselves look like morons by spreading the false report, and that would make the real story less damaging.

    I think I will wait until my daughters are married before I run for office. 🙂

  4. It’s funny to look from outside the US and see how liberal has been made a bad word, and conservative a good one by some people, and vie versa. Both are just perspectives on certain thing in life.

    It seems like most Americans don’t even know what the issues are their candidates stand for (if they even do). All we see in news reports are John McCain : ” blah blah blah, I’m a war hero war hero, blah blah, Obama = inexperience, blah blah blah”. And from Obama “blah blah blah, Change, blah blah blah, McCain = Bush, blah blah blah”. Are American’s attention spans really that short that the candidates can’t afford to talk about real issues? Why spend all those millions of dollars on campaigning if most people are only going to religiously vote for a candidate according because “they just don’t like the other guy” any way and not even think about the issues? If they did, how could anyone support McCain after what Bush did to your country and the rest of the world? I already couldn’t believe America was (collectively) stupid enough to re-elect Bush in 2004 (and then complained 3 years later when the war won’t stop, the world economy is in the toilet and most of the rest of the world has lost a lot of respect for a country that used to get a lot because of what can only be described as blatant war crimes).

    Well it’s an interesting show in any case. I just hope, for the sake of the rest of the world, that McCain doesn’t win. If he does, we’ll never see peace in the Middle East and the global economy will completely melt down in the next 4 years. I just hope Obama can fix what’s broken now, even though I don’t know much about him. At least he realizes what’s broken.

  5. I likewever, your analysis of USA Politics, hoever, European’s don’t get to vote. Issues have never been the Bi Product of any election that I’ve observed, even in all of Asias and Europe and the Mid-East.

    I am quite sure that New Leaders in all of the Mid East Regions were elected based on their issues.

    As far as “The War” in the Mid-east, name a period of time when there wasn’t a War dating back to the writings in the book of Genisis and other known historical documents such as Josepheous, ect.

    The illigitimate Son of Abraham was told he would be a great Nation and that they wouls always be a Thorn in the Side of his own brothers and that has not changed since it was written.

    The Dems had 8 years under Bill Clinton and the Repubs had 12 years under the Bushes and nither resolved the issue of War in the Mid East.

    Why doesn’t the Europeans get involved and do something and stop relying on the USA to resolve Wars and Mis-understandings for them. The French at least try sometimes, but,
    trying don’t get it down without resolve.

  6. Hi, I came here, because of Nikita’s blog, not because you put ‘Sarah Palin’s bikini shots’ in your blog 😉

    Anyway, I am here to say GO SARAH PALIN!!!!!!
    I am South African, but married to an American, so I am involved, whether I want to or not.
    I was as delusional as some other people in the rest of the world, until I came to live in US territory and heard the real deal from my husband.
    I was anti-war in Iraq, anti- Bush, pro-Obama-blahblahblahblah, thought maybe he can bring change, until I realised that he is saying nothing, he just learned to write a good speech/memorize a good speech…..

    I believe Sarah Palin is closer to the real deal, I have respect for McCain, but wouldn’t have wanted to vote for him (if I was aloud to) but am now buzzing with excitement, that Sarah Palin is in with him!
    My husband is of course laughing at me, because I am now more obsessed with American politics than he is….

  7. Pienk Zuit,

    Are you a friend of Nikita?

    “Liberal” and “Conservative” mean different things in the USA vs. Europe. Our conservatives actually often consider themselves to be “classical liberals”, while we consider liberals to hold to forms of statism that resemble either Socialism or Fascism, but with a friendlier face.

    I agree with you that our voters mostly have short attention spans. If it were not so, voters would remember that Joe Biden plagiarized his autobiographical speeches from Neil Kinnock when he was running for President back in the 1980’s.

    I don’t know what they tell you that “Bush did to our country,” but what they told you was probably only half true. Remember, we were surprise attacked on our own soil by terrorists, and perhaps the most important thing to Americans is that it hasn’t happened again on Bush’s watch. Also remember, in the 2004 election, we had to choose between Bush and Kerry, not Bush vs. “not Bush.” Kerry had plenty of his own problems, so I think we were right to reject him.

  8. Eilandkind,

    Any friend of Nikita’s is a friend of mine. “Sarah Palin bikini shots” did cause me to get a record number of visits, even more than the photo of Russian grandmaster Alexandra Kostemniuk. SOrry to disappoint all my visitors… 🙂

  9. hi Ray… just for you to know…Pienk Zuit is a SA blogger…not a blogger-friend like Eilandkind (eilandkind means Islandchild in Eng)… but I reason the same as you, he’s another blogger’s “friend” so I will consider him as a “friend” too, seeing that he’s a Saffa too..:) …Eilankind lives on an Island…and we’re all jealous about it…lol! but I left a message on another blogger-friend’s blog (Afrikaans) and he likes to write about the politics too…and I’m glad to see some of them – like Pienk Zuit – come here to read your entry…as my blogger-friend has also blogged about Sarah…:) so if more bloggers visit this entry “suddenly”…and they’re Saffas…you will know…but some will visit due to the award-entry…like Eilandkind… 🙂
    I’m not a “politic”-person, but at least I’m interested to know what’s going on where and so on….my “forefathers” (well, some of them) were great politicians, but sad to say…i’m not into politics…or is it really “sad”…hehe…

  10. Yes, I’m also from South Africa. I have lived in the US at different times throughout my life though, about 16 months in total (Louisiana for most of it), so I think that’s where my interest in American politics comes from. Like I say, it’s interesting to watch in any case.

  11. Ray…I’ve looked into my stats to the visits about Kosteniuk, since you mentioned something about record number of visits that was more to Sarah’s shots…since I’ve blogged about the “Chess queen”…Kosteniuk…in middle May…I’ve had 210 visits to that post…it’s quiet now, but at one stage people went crazy… 🙂 at the moment they go crazy about Paul Klee, I guess it’s “back-to-school” again and they all want to do art in the style of Klee! hehehe….as I know they love to do it in Primary… 🙂

  12. I looked again into statistics and when i clicked on “All time” i saw that the hits on that link of her was actually 461…I can’t remember where I clicked yesterday where it was 210 🙂

  13. Hi Ray, how do you like the ‘dance’ of the media over Sarah Palin?
    You can see the fear in those ‘liberal’ women’s eyes.
    I saw an anchor woman getting almost hysterical yesterday.
    A ball came towards them from ‘right’ field, one they didn’t expect.
    I can’t believe ( or maybe I CAN ) that they are saying things, like, how can Palin be VP AND a mother!
    Changing their tune….

    I am fascinated with the way that the US media covers politics, I never realised how biased they are, until now.

    Sorry Ray for the Saffas spamming your blog so much! 🙂 but I’ve just been watching this video…actually the very first video file i’m watching about her! and I must say…hmmm… I think if I were American..i would like to go for somebody with some guts like this woman…but do bare in mind…I know nothing about your politics…but i think she’s “got it”… 🙂

  15. Hi Ray,

    Nikita recommended this site to me. I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter who does not want Obama elected president. I was only lukewarm for McCain, but since he picked Sarah as his running mate, I’m now very much for him. I think she’s terrific.

  16. Dan,

    Hi, welcome to my blog. I’m curious, what differentiates Clinton vs. Obama that makes you favor Clinton but vote against Obama? There are some bloggers who think that’s impossible.

  17. Quite a bit, actually.

    Basically, Obama is bereft of any original ideas. His program was basically Hilliary’s program until he decided to expropriate it. The only real change was his watering down of Hillary’s health care proposals.

    He also lacks any kind of experience in leadership or foreign affairs. He is noted for voting “present” more times than anyone in Congress, like he can’t make up his mind about anything. And, even though she’s not running for president but she is his wife so presumably has a bit of influence on him, Michelle is only “recently” proud to be an American. I’d like someone who has a spouse who has always been proud to be American. His preacher and “spiritual mentor” also bothers me a lot, because he is an obvious racist.

  18. Ray…what Dan says is also what the Afrikaans bloggers say on the have me interested in your politics…go on! make me come back for more…LOL! 🙂

  19. ” eilandkind
    I am fascinated with the way that the US media covers politics, I never realised how biased they are, until now.”

    The U.S. media gave up objectivity a long time ago, if indeed they ever possessed it. Until about 1960 the media was overwhelmingly conservative. Since that time, they have grown progressively more left-wing. In both eras, they never made any pretense about which side they supported.

    The Obama “thing,” however, is unique even for them. From the beginning (well, since the Iowa primary, anyway), the media fell in love with him and are obviously determined to see him annointed as president, if not as king. They did this first by assassinating Clinton’s character, and now they are attemting to do the same to McCain and Palin. And don’t ask me why, because I haven’t a clue. If you saw Saturday Night Live’s spoof on the Clinton-Obama debates, the truth isn’t too far different from the sketch.

  20. Nikita,

    Thanks for the award. I have saved it, now I just need to find a place to “hang” it.

    I will give you a teaser about Obama, and maybe I can flesh this out later. In some ways he reminds me of a watered down version of Robert Mugabe. There is the leftism, which will become more obvious if he’s elected, and he has done a good job of bullying opponents already. I expect that to get worse if he is elected too. As you may know, the church he was in adhered to the “Black value system”, which means African-American-ness is more important to him than his Christianity. I have an old blog post about this.

  21. Hi Ray.. Pleasure for the award…I do like reading your blog and everytime I do enjoy whatever is to be found here! so, well done! you deserve it…sidebar is a good place to “hang” it…and your office too 🙂

    Sad to hear that Obama is like that…well, then I do hope that McCain is the next President! Wish I could vote…maybe that’s just my vote you need 🙂 good luck in the race!

  22. Sorry, Ray, I know this is your blog, but I just wanted to respond to Dan.

    Thanks for responding to me Dan, I think the media here is CRAZY. Look how they are trying every single thing now to destroy Sarah P, who might be the best thing coming out of this whole election.
    At least we might see a different side of Obama, maybe, just maybe he will lose his cool.
    No I haven’t seen those spoofs, but I like watching Jackie Mason ( might not agree with everything he says, but he makes some valid points and he is funny )

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